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“The doctor was very kind and patient. She considered all my queries and answered them without any hesitation even few were basic. I would recommend to definitely give it a try and follow their prescription for given time period.”


“Had an interesting and insightful discussion with Dr. Ashwathy. Though being an allopathic doctor, I have great faith in our ancient science. Dr. Ashwathy actually made me reduce the medicines I was taking at a friend's behest, explaining me the action of each content. Would be following with her on my progress.”

JP. Mehta

“Dr Manjula P Badiyar is a gem, Very patient, Calm and composed. She listened very attentively and answered one by one every question to my satisfaction. A perfect doctor package.”

Mudassir Khan

“I am so glad that the doctor spoke to me and patiently listened to my daily routine. She was really helpful and clearly explained the right kind of diet for me.”

Fathima Sheikh
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