Summer Do’s And Dont’s

By Kapiva Editorial

There’s Sunshine on my mind!

The summer season means warmer weather, pool days and loads of cold treats. Here are some summer health tips on how to beat the heat this summer.

The happy summer season comes with its own set of woes. This makes it important for us to understand what is good & not so good to do in this sunshine season. Basically, key summer health tips to protect ourselves from the damage done to us in these months.

Now, summer is a pitta season. As summer shows signs of progress and the days become warmer, dryness also starts increasing which causes our vata dosha to start rising.

Due to this heat, there are some common problems that people suffer. Such as skin rashes, sunburns, and dehydration. Digestion problems such as acidity, indigestion, acid reflux, and nausea may also occur. Overall, it’s an increase in heat or pitta that the body is demonstrating. This also affects us emotionally – with a rise in irritation, frustration & temper.

Hence, to try and make sure we enjoy this month in the sun, you must be wondering: “What can I do to stay healthy this season?”

Following are some summer health tips to follow while entering the summer season:-


Unlike the rest of the year, where this rule still remains important, summer is when it’s extremely important to remain hydrated all the time. Listen to your body’s need for water. And if consuming just water can get too boring for you, apart from it, one can consume lime water, coconut water, and buttermilk to keep oneself hydrated.

When you are hydrated, toxins are flushed out of your body and you can also avoid painful urinary infections. Also, do try and avoid alcohol and caffeine since they dehydrate the body.


What is the best food for summer? It’s that time of year, when consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables which have a high content of water, is imperative. This way your water intake also increases. Fruits for summer like watermelon, mangoes, grapes & oranges are the best naturally available nutritious fruits that help maintain the balance in the body. You must also include the vegetables, which are bitter and astringent in nature such as karela and asparagus – it is these astringent properties that help your body internally.


Now, while we all love the summer, one of the most important summer health tips is to avoid going out in sun as much as possible. This means avoiding peak afternoon hours. And in case you need to, then protect yourself with things like naturally cooling Kapiva’s Aloe vera skin gel, which will protect you from sunburn and rashes.

Summer skin problems such as prickly heat, heat rash, etc. can be managed with cool showers or anoint with sandalwood paste and the all-important Aloe Vera gel. In the summer months, your hair to gets damaged due to heat and sweat. Take extra care of your hair and try not to expose your hair to heat.


One of Ayurveda’s most important summer health tips is to avoid hot and spicy food in summer. People suffering from piles, acidity, gastric or mouth ulcers, should take extra precautions. In summer, the pitta dosha increases and causes indigestion, acid reflux and nausea which take your digestive system for a toss. Add digestive spices to your food such as cumin, coriander, fennel, and turmeric.

Ayurvedic herbs that help you internally in summer are:

1.    Kapiva’s Aloe Vera & Turmeric juice is an excellent combination which will help your physical mechanisms and enhance your health.

2.    Kapiva’s Amla + Digest capsule will help your digestion system and regularize your bowel movement, as toxins tend to build up in the liver during the summer, which can cause sensitive skin to overreact to the sun. It is important to keep your digestive system running smoothly to flush out toxins.

3.    Karela Jamun juice by Kapiva is very effective in bringing down pitta levels in the body and thus, helps us to regulate our body mechanisms.

4.    Amla juice by Kapiva is packed with vitamin C which helps you stay cool in summers, it regulates your blood pressure and minimizes damage to your hair due to heat as well. Amla juice also enhances food absorption. It creates a balancing effect on your stomach acids, moderating hyper-acidity. It also stimulates the liver and helps remove toxins by keeping the elimination system regular and also prevents urinary disorders.

5.    Aloe Vera gel by Kapiva protects your skin from the effects of the sun by hydrating it for a longer time and preventing pimples, acne, wrinkles and other skin problems.

6.    Kapiva’s Neem tablets help to reduce pitta dosha and also eliminate toxins from the blood.

7.    Kapiva’s Triphala churna prevents constipation, which if untreated, can result in heat built up in the tissue.

All in all, make sure not only to take of yourself externally but also think of your internal well-being. And there’s nothing better than taking the help of nature’s bounty to do so.

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