Common Myths & Benefits About Organic Cow Ghee

By Kapiva Editorial

Are you wary of organic cow ghee? Wondering, is organic cow ghee healthy? Worry not. We are here to resolve your queries. For the record, we would begin by saying that organic cow ghee is healthy.

Pure ghee is made from organic and pesticide-free grass-fed cow’s milk. Usually, cows are fed processed corn feed, which affects the quality of the milk, and in turn, deteriorates the quality of the ghee produced. That is quite unlikely for organic cow ghee that comes from a source that is 100% organic (cow’s milk) with no artificial supplements whatsoever.  

In current times, many consumers have resorted to the use of refined oils, which can be one of the biggest blunders of modern cooking. Enriched with essential vitamins and fatty acids, the regular usage of organic cow ghee can truly add to your good health. To help you understand organic cow ghee better, we have listed some common myths and its advantages. Read on to learn more about its nutritional value and how it can affect you. 

Common Myths About Cow Ghee 

For years, organic cow ghee has had many misconceptions attached to it. Here are some popular ones:

  • Organic cow ghee acts as a deterrent for weight loss and is fattening by nature.
  • Pure ghee is bad for the heart and is also linked to increasing levels of cholesterol.
  • Consuming organic cow ghee every day can hamper overall health. 

None of these associations is true.  One of Ayurveda’s treasured staples, ghee has powerful healing properties. Its inevitable presence in Ayurveda itself validates this. Busting these myths, below are some benefits of organic cow ghee. 

7 Benefits of Consuming Organic Cow Ghee

  • Improves Digestion

Having a tough time digesting food? Organic cow ghee can be a helpful remedy. Pure ghee happens to be a rich source of butyric acid. An important property of butyric acid is that it supports the health of intestinal walls. This acid promotes an immune response that helps in lowering inflammation and aids the proper digestion of food. While other fats and oils in the body can hamper the digestive processes, the presence of butyric acid stimulates the stomach acids to digest food easily. It further regulates bowel movements and helps keep constipation at bay. 

  • Boosts Immunity

Organic Ghee boosts Immunity

Being a powerful source of antioxidants, vitamin A and other micronutrients organic cow ghee helps bolster immunity. Antioxidants can help neutralize the effect of free radicals thereby stopping them from damaging the cells. A short-chain acid, butyric acid, which is naturally found in ghee is also known for improving immunity. Besides that, pure ghee enhances the body’s ability to absorb minerals and vitamins from other foods consumed. It also acts as an antiviral and microbial agent. Being heaped with myriad nutrients, the daily consumption of organic cow ghee can promote overall health and in turn uplift your immunity. 

  • Good for the Heart

Organic Ghee for Heart Health

For a healthy heart, as opposed to refined oil, it is advisable to switch to organic cow ghee because of its nutritional content. Organic cow ghee helps increase metabolism, muscle endurance, and shed body fat. It is also known to help prevent calcium deposits in the arteries that can hamper blood flow. Fats present in the ghee are not stored in the body but are used as energy. Besides that, it lowers the bad cholesterol levels and enhances the good cholesterol thereby maintaining a balance and promoting a healthy heart. 

  • Aids Skincare

Organic Ghee Promotes Skin Nourishment

Have you been looking for effective skincare hacks? Consider adding organic cow ghee to your diet. The regular usage of ghee promotes a youthful appearance. It brightens skin from the inside out, retains its natural moisture, and purifies the system. Being rich in healthy fatty acids organic cow ghee helps the skin cells hydrate from deep within that helps the skin become soft and radiant. The abundance of antioxidants in ghee combat free radicals that damage skin which helps slow down aging. Gently massage your skin with warm ghee for 2-3 minutes followed by a warm shower. Organic cow ghee is also a time-tested remedy for chapped lips that are specially an issue during winters. To treat the same, apply a drop of organic ghee overnight to make way for soft moisturized lips!

  • Helps Detox

Organic Ghee Helps Detox

Wondering how do you detox with ghee? We’ve got you covered. When it comes to detoxing, the benefits of organic cow ghee and A2 Cow Ghee offer are way beyond the expected. Organic ghee will help you seek riddance from toxins and bugs in the intestines and support the presence of good bacteria in the gut. It also flushes fat-soluble toxins and molecules out of the body, lubricates the tight tissues, promotes a stable mood, aids energy levels, pulls old bile out, and helps the liver make new bile. All of the above certainly makes it quite clear that organic cow ghee is a powerful detoxing agent. To detox with ghee, consume 2-3 teaspoons of organic cow ghee on an empty stomach for 3-days followed by some warm water. Couple this with a body massage with ghee for 15-20 minutes daily which should be followed by 5-10 minutes of rest and a nice warm shower.

  • Alleviates Joint Pain

Organic Ghee Soothes Joint Pain

In search of a natural remedy for joint trouble? Ghee can come to your rescue. Organic cow ghee is a source of vitamin A that is known for improving bone health. Stored toxins in muscles are a cause of joint pain, being a powerful cleansing agent, organic cow ghee flushes these toxins thereby alleviating joint trouble. Another cause for joint pain is the stiffness of joints, the inclusion of organic cow ghee in the diet is hydrating which enhances the natural flexibility of joints. It decreases joint stiffness and soothes inflammation. Indeed, organic ghee can be a potent natural remedy for arthritis. 

  • Lowers Cholesterol

Organic Ghee Lowers Cholesterol

Like other fats, ghee has been considered the culprit for higher cholesterol levels. As a matter of fact, this is a misconceived notion. Cholesterol is carried through the bloodstream with the help of lipoproteins. There are two types of lipoproteins, LDL (low-density or bad) and HDL (high-density or good). Bad cholesterol levels are directly linked to a high LDL that is responsible for clogging your arteries. On the other hand, HDL is your saviour. It helps your body seek riddance from bad cholesterol by removing it out of your arteries and further moves it to the liver to be flushed out of the body. Organic cow ghee is an important ingredient that lowers the bad blood cholesterol level and enhances the good blood cholesterol level. It does so by improving the LDL to HDL ratio in your body. So when you consume organic cow ghee (in moderation) you improve your body’s ability to get rid of the bad cholesterol. 


The presence of organic ghee in your diet can yield numerous benefits. An age-old ingredient, organic cow ghee can truly nourish you and help keep ailments at bay. To ensure its daily consumption, you can make it your primary cooking fat for sauteing or apply it instead of butter on baked foods. The Kapiva Organic Cow Ghee and Kapiva A2 Cow Ghee are two nutrient-dense products that can be your daily health companion. Add them to your diet soon to witness some wonderful results. 

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