How To Improve Your Health With Nuts

By Kapiva Editorial

There’s a reason why people are nuts over nuts. Yes, nuts are good for you. Nuts are also called dry fruits. They are packed with healthy fat and are high in fibre, vitamins, minerals, and proteins. Eating these dry fruits for health also helps minimize the risk factors involved in heart disease. But how do you decide the best nuts for health?

Here is a list of these healthy foods and the benefits of dry fruits for health:

1. Walnuts

One of the best nuts for health is walnuts. One of nature’s healthy foods, walnuts, comes with omega-3 fats and has high amounts of alpha-linoleic acid, making walnuts good for your heart. It also helps to reduce oxidative stress and inflammation in the arteries.

2. Cashews

One of the most common dry fruits for health, cashews come with a fair share of essential nutrients. Cashews are considered one of the most nutritionally dense healthy foods that include fibre, Vitamin E, proteins, and magnesium, which enhance the antioxidant potential of your diet. Cashews also improve metabolic syndrome symptoms as it helps to minimize your blood pressure making it one of the vital nuts for health.

3. Almonds

Almonds play an essential role in reducing harmful cholesterol levels in the body. They are, in fact, the best nuts for health and weight loss, especially when you consume them as part of a low-calorie diet. The nutrients present in almonds reduce risk factors for diabetes too.

4. Peanuts

Peanuts are the cheapest and most nutritious nuts for health. They help delay cognitive decline and are high in folate, an essential mineral for brain health and development. These healthy foods also contain a fair amount of Vitamin E and healthy fats that boost your brainpower for the better.

5. Pistachios

Pistachios are high in fibre and are responsible for improving cholesterol levels in the body, making them therapeutic nuts for health. Consuming two or three ounces of pistachios a day enhances good HDL cholesterol. These nuts even help reduce the spike in your blood sugar level after every meal.

Nuts are one of nature’s healthy foods and the most nutritious snacks you can eat at any time during the day. You don’t have to feel guilty when eating these healthy foods in moderation, provided they do not come with added ingredients and are minimally processed. So mixed nuts that are unsalted and raw are the most healthy foods as they offer a variety of nutrients and antioxidants that help you fight chronic diseases and benefit your health in the long run. Learn How To Lose Weight Through Natural Foods.

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