Exercises to Reduce Belly Fat

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The love handles are the most difficult section of the body if you are looking to lose weight and the adamant fats of this region require a lot of effort involving proper exercises that target the core essentially and a balanced diet. Here are a few exercises for belly fat that you can do:

  • Brisk Walks

Brisk walking motivates the body to burn down the fats instead of the carbohydrates stored in body. It is one of the easiest exercises for belly fat. A daily 45 minute brisk walk can work wonders on the tough visceral fat in the abdominal region. It helps in bringing the waistline back in shape and keeps issues like diabetes and heart disease at bay. But make sure you walk either for a long period at a slow pace or for a short period at a fast pace. It is essential to monitor this, otherwise the body starts burning down sugars (used for energy) instead of stored fat. Exercises for body are incomplete without brisk walks as it helps to mobilize the fat. This is not a spot treatment; instead it is a whole body workout

  • Crunches

These exercises target the lower and upper abs. Crunches are considered to be one of the best exercises for belly fat. There are several variations to the simple one and each one of them helps to tone down your tummy. The original one involves lying down flat on the floor on a mat. Place your palms below your head and bend your knees, keeping your feet glued to the ground. Slowly lift your torso and try to touch your forehead to your knees. Repeat this process several times. This exercise might cause sore muscles in your lower abdomen, thighs and forearms for beginners. So, observe this exercise with a pinch of salt, taking your fitness status into consideration. Among crunches we have several sub-types.

  • Side Crunch

This one helps reduce belly flab and focuses pointedly on the side abdominal muscles. Start off in the same position as the original crunch. Now, lift only the right half of your torso and try touching the right elbow to your left knee. Repeat this on the other side as well and do these a couple of times. Beginners should aim for only 2-3 crunches a day and gradually increase the number with time. Ensure that your movements are slow and take your time at every position. Do not push yourself to be in a position that causes a shooting pain.  Haste will only cause more pain later. This, also, is among the best exercises to reduce weight.

  •  Bicycle Crunches

Just like the name suggests, this exercise involves mock cycling, lying down on the floor. Make sure your elbows touch the opposite knees while you do so. These crunches work on the upper and lower abs, hamstrings, obliques, quads and glutes. This is among the most effective exercises for belly fat. Make sure you do not exert pressure on your neck while doing this exercise and keep your back flat against the ground.

  • Half-seated Reverse Crunch

To work on your thighs, abs and glutes, this type is very effective. Supporting your body on the weight of your elbows with your feet flat on the ground, lift your legs (knees bent) towards your tummy and touch your thighs to them.  Repeat this several times. Exercises to reduce weight are incomplete without the half-seated reverse crunch.

  • Squats

Squats help you tone down not only your tummy but also your thighs, helping you achieve that perfect bubble butt. It is necessary to practice these on a regular basis to actually see an effect on your body. Leg days are stressful and tiring but they are among the most effective exercises for body. They are very effective in fast burning of body fats and ramping up your metabolism. Being a compound exercise, it uses more than one muscle set at a time, targeting many body parts (wholesome, right?). Squats are essential in giving shape to the loosened muscles post a successful weight loss plan as well.

  • Leg Raises

To perform this exercise; you need to lie flat on the ground with your hands lying beside your body. Slowly lift your legs (ensure you do not bend them at the knee) and keep them straight above you, possibly perpendicular to the ground. Hold this position for as long as you can. Since this exercise specifically isolates the abdominal muscles and still helps in building stamina, strength and a great set of abs, it is another one of the most effective exercises for belly fat.

  • Zumba

If weight loss involved shaking a leg, everybody would prefer doing that any day. Zumba is one such option to consider if the other exercise regimens seem exhausting and boring. Workouts needn’t necessarily be a punishment. Falling under the high intensity workout branch, Zumba enables us to melt and get rid of belly fat quickly, along with having significant influence in keeping blood pressure and heart diseases in check. This complete package can be performed at home or under professional guidance for better effects. This is one of the best exercises for body and overall health.

You can also indulge in several full body cardio exercises that help in the overall reduction of body fat and help mobilize it like cycling, jogging, swimming, etc.

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