Steps To Manage Weight

By Kapiva Editorial

Most of us are on the “need to lose-x-kilos bandwagon”. But what is important is to stay focused and lose weight the right way. Losing weight doesn’t have to feel like a chore. Simple changes to your lifestyle will produce results.

In an industry crowded with different opinions on this matter, it is evident that we need a few weight loss tips for weight management to make our life easy while we achieve our weight goals.

Basically there is a simple 3 step guideline:

1.    Eat right & more importantly the right amount

2.    Work out. This is one of the best weight loss tips.

3.    Increase your metabolic rate to support you in your weight loss journey.

4. Cut back on Sugars & Starches

These are the foods that stimulate secretion of insulin the most. If you didn’t know already, insulin is the main fat storage hormone in the body. When insulin goes down, fat has an easier time getting out of the fat stores and the body starts burning fats instead of carbs. As a result, you lose weight.

5. Eat Protein, Fat and Vegetables

Each one of your meals should include a protein source, a fat source, and low-carb vegetables. Constructing your meals in this way will automatically bring your carb intake into the recommended range of 20-50 grams per day.

A high protein intake boosts metabolism, reduces appetite and changes several weight-regulating hormones. Protein can help you lose weight and belly fat, and it works via several different mechanisms. It is one of the most effective weight loss tips for weight management.

Basically, Protein reduces levels of the hunger hormone ghrelin, while it boosts the appetite-reducing hormones GLP-1, peptide YY and cholecystokinin. This leads to an automatic reduction in calorie intake. Also, High-protein diets are highly satiating, so they lead to reduced hunger and appetite compared to lower protein diets. This makes it much easier to restrict calories on a high-protein diet.

6. Exercise

To understand the effect of exercise on weight reduction, it is important to understand the relationship between exercise and energy expenditure. Your body spends energy in three ways: digesting food, exercising and maintaining body functions like your heartbeat and breathing.

While dieting, a reduced calorie intake will lower your metabolic rate, which will delay weight loss. On the contrary, regular exercise has been shown to increase your metabolic rate, which will burn more calories and help you lose weight. Weight loss tips are incomplete without exercise on the list. Exercise is crucial for fast metabolism and it helps you to maintain your muscle mass and lose weight.

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While Green Coffee Bean Extract comes from unroasted coffee beans, the active ingredient here is chlorogenic acid and this more than anything other is responsible for burning fat in your body. Chlorogenic acid works by slowing the amount of glucose that your liver puts in your bloodstream.

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