8 Reasons Why Triphala Is A Cure For All Your Hair Care Woes

By Kapiva Editorial

Whether your hair is lacking shine or you’re struggling with hair fall, all of us have experience with how finicky hair can be. What’s inside reflects on the outside and good health is imperative to healthy hair. You may have heard of the ayurvedic wonder triphala. It boasts a myriad of benefits for our health ranging from digestive health and managing chronic illnesses to proving useful for skin and hair issues. It provides a powerful boost for your hair, nourishing the roots and strengthening the lengths. Read on to see how triphala can help treat a host of hair problems.

1. Improves Health Of Your Scalp

triphala hair care scalp

We often focus on hair but not the scalp, but did you know that scalp health is important for good hair as well? Triphala is a powerful antioxidant and antimicrobial, this means it prevents dandruff and other scalp infections by fighting bacteria and fungi, keeping your scalp healthy. Its amla content also helps maintain a normal scalp pH. What’s more, it also stimulates your follicles and roots, promoting hair growth and giving you the luscious locks of your dreams.

2. Boosts Digestion That Aids Hair Growth

triphala hair care digestion

You might not think twice about your hair when reaching for junk food or sugary drinks, but gut health has an impact on your hair growth. If you find that your digestive system feels off, and your diet and lifestyle is off-balance, this might be affecting your hair growth too. Triphala is renowned for restoring and regulating your gut, ensuring nutrient absorption in the body. With essential nutrients reaching your scalp, this promotes hair growth by nourishing your hair follicles.

3. Increases Hair Volume

triphala hair-care-volume

Tired of flat and thin hair? Worry not, triphala helps. This ayurvedic concoction makes your hair texture better, and thicker hair equals more volume. Not only that, but it also helps boost hair growth and prevent breakage, giving you a full head of strong hair.

4. Prevents Hair Fall

triphala hair care hair fall

While triphala offers many benefits that prevent hair fall, it targets this issue in one specific way as well. The enzyme 5⍺-reductase (5-AR) which is naturally present in our body converts the testosterone hormone into dihydrotestosterone (DHT). How does this affect you? Higher levels of 5-AR result in higher levels of DHT, and this hormone causes hair fall. This is where triphala comes in, with one of its main components, amla. Amla inhibits the enzyme and effectively stops hair fall.

5. Strengthens Hair From The Root To The Tip

triphala hair care roots

If you want hair that’s strong and healthy all the way, triphala is for you. Not only does it hydrate and moisturise the hair shaft, but it also nourishes the roots of your hair, strengthening it and minimising hair loss. Whether your hair is all-natural or you’re rocking bleached and colour treated hair, the amla in triphala boosts the tensile strength of your hair, preventing hair loss from breakage.

6. Helps Your Hair Shine And Glow

triphala hair care shine

Is your hair feeling a little limp and lifeless? Nobody wants hair that looks dull and damaged. Triphala can combat the harm from dust, pollution, and UV rays that steal your hair’s natural shine. It detoxifies your hair and locks in fatty acids by closing the cuticles, helping your hair look lustrous again.

7. Arrests Premature Greying Of Your Hair

triphala hair care premature greying

If you find random grey hair in your head at an early age, don’t fret. Greying hair isn’t just because of ageing, it is also a result of free radicals causing oxidative stress in our bodies. Triphala is rich in vitamin E due to its amla content and other antioxidants that balance out free radicals, combatting oxidative stress and busting premature greying at the root. Bibhitaki in triphala is also known to strengthen hair and prevent greying.

8. Solution For Split Ends And Frizzy Hair

triphala hair care split ends

We’ve already seen that Triphala provides nourishment to the hair in a number of ways. Through hydration and moisturising, it also beats frizzy hair and split ends! We’ve all experienced the woes of dry and damaged hair going frizzy and splitting at the ends. By shielding hair from damage from outside and providing nutrients from within, triphala effectively gives you smooth and soft hair that’s tangle-free.

Easy To Consume Triphala Juice

Kapiva Triphala Juice

Kapiva’s Triphala juice is extracted from organically sourced raw herbs (instead of extracts). It contains no added flavors or colors and is cold-pressed to retain all its nutritional value. Enjoy this juice to improve digestion and the quality and health of your hair. It is also keto-friendly and vegan so it perfectly fits your natural lifestyle while fulfilling your nutrient requirements.

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