10 Reasons for Excessive Hair Loss

By Kapiva Editorial

Hair loss is a common problem in the 21st century. While male and female baldness is the primary reason for hair loss, there are some other causes too. It is normal to lose a few strands daily but if you experience sudden hair loss and see bald patches on your head, that is a sign of trouble. You now need to probe deeper to understand the causes. In this blog, we look at the leading reasons for hair loss. Read on to enlighten yourself with the details.

What are The Causes of Hair Loss? 

  1. Stress: A major deterrent to hair growth? Stress. Living a fast-paced life, dealing with pressure, multi-tasking each of these makes you fret. This physical and mental strain make your hair follicles switch to a resting mode from a growing one. The effects of this lead to excessive hair loss. 


  1. Air Pollution: While air pollution is a major cause of respiratory disorders it also acts as a promoter of hair loss. Exposure to common pollutants like dust, smoke, chemicals, etc reduces the levels of proteins responsible for hair growth. It also destroys the hair follicles that result in loss of hair. 


  1. Malnutrition: Deficiencies in essential nutrients can result in hair fall. Following diets which deprive you of nutrition can lead to clumps of hair falling off your head. A shortage of vitamin D is associated with thinning hair or no growth. Besides, a deficiency in zinc and iron may also damage the hair and cause it to break. Conditions such as thyroid can also result in nutritional deficiencies that cause hair fall. 


  1. Changes in the Season: Different seasons affect hair growth. The good news is this is completely normal. Just before winter sets in there are chances you will notice an increase in the strands you see on your comb. You can rightfully blame this on the weather. Also, you need not fret, you will witness new hair growing once winter sets in.


  1. Hormonal Changes: Hormonal imbalances are a leading promoter of hair loss. Women especially see a spike in hair loss after childbirth or in the time that precedes menopause. While hormonal changes are one of the main reasons for hair loss in women, men too are subject to hair loss due to hormones. Increase in a sex steroid and androgen hormone called dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is a significant contributor for hair loss in men. This hormone is present in female bodies too and can lead to hair growth in unwanted areas while causing excessive hair loss from the scalp. 


  1. Oil Buildup: There are times when excess oil buildup on the scalp leads to blockage of hair follicles. These blocked hair follicles cannot breathe and this makes them weak which leads to hair fall.


  1. Birth control pills: Consumption of birth control pills may cause hair loss. While some might experience hair loss several months after they stop the intake. To combat this, one can take birth control pills that have a low androgen index. This may help alleviate the loss of hair. Other forms of birth control that affect the hormones, such as implants and skin patches, may also cause hair loss.


  1. Pregnancy: There are many cases of post-natal hair loss. Women may possibly experience hair loss right after giving birth. This is linked to a decrease in estrogen levels. Although, this is a temporary condition, and the hair is restored within a year or sooner. 


  1. Ringworm: A contagious fungal infection, ringworm causes red, itchy rings on the skin or scalp. Ringworm on the scalp or tinea capitis can cause temporary baldness in certain areas on the head. Its symptoms include small spots that get bigger, causing scaly bald patches, weak hair, blisters on the scalp, ring-like patches with a red outside and the inside of the circle matching the skin tone. This illness is usually self-treatable but if it does not heal by itself, then a doctor may prescribe an antifungal medicine. 


  1. Lifestyle Habits: To have healthy hair you need to have a healthy lifestyle. The food you eat, hydration level, physical movement, stress levels, sleeping pattern everything has an impact on your hair health. Habits like inadequate sleep, increased stress, eating unhealthy food, working outdoors in the sun and smoking can cause balding. All these disrupt the mechanisms in the body that further lead to brittle hair. 

Bottom Line

The reasons mentioned above include most of the causes of hair loss. If you have been facing the loss of hair and are wondering why? You have certainly found your answer. Do consult a doctor and get proper treatment for chronic issues. If it is a seasonal change, you need not worry. Your hair will be restored soon. Here’s to being informed and taking the right measures for healthy hair. 


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