7 Breakfast Cereals with Herbs, Whole grains, and No Added Sugar

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One should not attend even the end of the world without a good breakfast. Breakfast is the first source of energy and rightly so the most important meal of the day. It breaks the overnight fasting period and thus, has to be healthy and highly nutritious for your body to recharge itself. Breakfast restores the essential glucose content in your body, energizing you after more than ten hours of fasting. A healthy breakfast cereal can  help you gain the necessary nutrition and glucose. 

Studies prove that eating a healthy breakfast can enhance your concentration and endurance. On the contrary, skipping breakfast can damage your health and even lead to unhealthy weight gain, heart disease, or diabetes. To suffice your daily nutrition intake, you can choose from a diverse range of healthy breakfast cereals and more. However, if you’re looking for a healthy, wholegrain, sugar-free breakfast solution, here are a few wholesome ideas you can try: 


Crunchy Breakfast Cereals 

Just like every other western trend, breakfast cereals as well have quickly made their way into the country’s popular culture and mass consumption sphere. However, not all commercially available breakfast cereals are healthy and low-fat. If you’re looking for a nutritious first meal of the day, you must pick wholegrain breakfast cereals like porridge oats. Porridge is a broad category within the list of cereals since there are many variations of porridge. However, all porridge oats are whole grain and rich in fibre. You can add unsweetened, low-fat milk or almond milk in your porridge and garnish with fruits and nuts. 

Furthermore, porridges contain beta-glucan that lowers your cholesterol level and provides you with the essential energy you need to kick-start your day. Make sure not to add artificial sweeteners into your porridge for a low-fat meal. Instead, you can add healthy alternatives to sugar, like raw honey, organic jaggery or bananas, and other slightly sweet fruits. 

Nourishing Pohas

Kapiva Super Grain Poha is sugar-free and healthy

Despite there being a stupendous range of breakfast cereals across the globe, some of the most healthy and nutritious breakfast solutions originate right here in India. The famous flattened rice dish called Poha can be a source of an abundance of nutrition and vitamins. Poha contains peanuts that have high protein content and green peas that are rich in fibre. Some other key ingredients of this delicious recipe are tomatoes, carrots, and several other vegetables that benefit health. However, the nutritious value of Poha is significantly proportionate to its cooking methods. 

If you need a hassle-free Poha recipe that is void of fats, carbs, and artificial flavor, you can choose Kapiva’s Supergrain Poha that is packed with nutrition and taste. The super grain Poha is a mix of rice flakes, Kudo millets, black grams, and vegetables as well as ayurvedic herbs like Amla, Ashwagandha, Green coffee, Vitamins, and Minerals. If you’re a major advocate of healthy eating but also don’t want to compromise on taste, Kapiva’s Supergrain Poha is a tasty and healthy breakfast solution that comes in two delectable flavours; Homestyle Masala and Tangy Masala. 

Fibre-rich Upma

It’s impossible to name all healthy Indian breakfasts without mentioning the incredibly delicious Upma. The thick porridge cooked from dry-roasted coarse rice flour or semolina is one of the most popular morning meals. Upma is filling and extremely nutritious. It can be seasoned with vegetables and other seasonings like herbs and spices. 

A bowl of Upma is packed with vitamins, essential fats, and fibre. The mix is also low in calories and cholesterol. Upma is a rich source of iron and can be consumed as a wholesome first meal of the day. If you’re short on time, we have a quick and healthy solution, Kapiva Supergrain Upma! This delicious blend contains refined wheat flour, Ghee, healthy spices like asafoetida, ginger, cumin, curry leaves, and more. Amalgamating the medicinal and nutritional properties of Ayurveda in your morning breakfast, Kapiva’s super grain Upma also includes herbs like Ashwagandha, Green coffee, Amla, Vitamins, and Minerals. 

Wholesome Muesli 

Healthy, sugar-free breakfast with Muesli

Recently gaining immense popularity for its weight-control and nutritional properties, Muesli is also known as the overnight oats. It is a cold oatmeal mix of a diverse range of superfoods, dried fruits, nuts, seeds, grains, and more. Relish a low-fat, healthy breakfast cereal by adding a cup of muesli in half to equal cup of unsweetened milk and top it up with your choice of fruits and nuts. 

Whole Grain Granola 

One of the relatively new additions to the list of healthy breakfast cereals, Granola consists of oats, nuts, natural sweeteners like honey or brown sugar. The mixture of oats and other ingredients is baked until dry and then toasted for crispness. You can relish a nutritious bowl of Granola with your choice of milk or even yogurt, cream, and fruits. If you’re tempted to add confections such as chocolates, make sure to use dark, sugar-free chocolate that does not deteriorate health or add to unwanted body weight. 

Granola and Muesli are almost similar types of wholegrain breakfast cereals, however, Muesli is the healthier of the two since it does not contain any artificial sweeteners. The commercially available granola contains little but some amount of artificial sweeteners or syrups that may not be the ideal option for health. 

Beneficial Oats 

oats are a healthy, sugar-free breakfast solution

Your breakfast must be the healthiest meal of the day, and what’s healthier than oats? A bowl of oats can energize you for an enduring day. Despite the versatile range of oats available commercially, the composition essentially includes the cereal grain – common oat that is grown predominantly in temperate regions. The plant is crushed and sold as oatmeal that makes up for a delicious and healthy breakfast cereal . Kapiva Super Grain Oats contain super grain, Ayurvedic herbs, and multivitamins that boost your health and ensure daily wellness. You can enjoy the health benefits of oats and the taste of four mouth-watering flavours like Tangy Masala, Homemade Masala, Mint, and Tadka Masala. 

Nutri-licious Homemade mixes 

Determined to take health into your own hands? Wear the apron and follow our lead. To prepare your own healthy breakfast cereal, portion out nutritious, protein-rich ingredients and create a wonderful meal. Here are a few recipes you can try. 

  • Steam some sweet potatoes and mash them into a thick blend. And your choice of milk and mix thoroughly for a porridge-like consistency. Relish the fiber-rich blend for a perfect breakfast.
  • Saute a bowl of boiled rice with sprouts, broccoli, spinach, and other vegetables of your choice. Add chia seeds, cinnamon, and coriander for enhanced flavour. For a low-fat meal, use brown rice or millet instead of white rice. 


The Bottom Line

Breakfast is an imperative meal of the day and must not be neglected. Enjoy healthy breakfast cereal to kick-start your day. To consume the essential proteins, vitamins, and minerals for optimal nourishment, you must plan a well-balanced diet that includes the right portion of vegetables, fruits, superfoods, herbs, and more. Remember, a colorful palette is a healthy palate. Healthy Brunching! 

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