This World Milk Day, Know the Health Benefits of A2 Milk

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Whether with cookies or cereals, milk is like duct tape; it fixes everything. We’ve all grown up absorbing strength and vitality from this naturally delicious beverage. However, most of us remain unknown about the distinctive types of milk available commercially. 

Apart from toned milk and skimmed milk, a popular type of milk consumed extensively in New Zealand, the United States, the United Kingdom, and parts of China is the A2 cow milk. Let’s explore how A2 cow milk is different from the other regular types of milk and which one’s more beneficial to health. 

What Is The Difference Between A1 And A2 Milk?

Cow’s milk contains β-casein proteins called A1 and A2. There is a clear distinction in the formula of A2 cow milk compared to that of A1 cow milk. Even though both types of milk have the same source, the cow, they show the difference in the chemical composition. Studies show that the ratio of lactose, fatty acids, and proteins in these kinds of milk differs drastically. 

Several pieces of research have suggested that A2 cow milk is richer in nutrition despite the absence of β-casein proteins. Furthermore, your body can metabolise A2 cow milk better and easier. Another prominent reason A2 cow milk is safer for consumption than A1 milk is that this type of milk does not contain BCM-7 (Beta-casomorphine – 7) that is otherwise present in A1 cow milk. The compound is responsible for stimulating harmful effects on the body, including type 1 diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, schizophrenia, autism, infant death, constipation, and weaker immunity. 

What Are The Uses And Benefits Of A2 Milk?

Let’s explore some vital A2 milk benefits for overall health:

1. Strengthens The Bones

There is a versatile range of benefits of consuming A2 cow milk. One of the key A2 cow milk benefits is stronger bones and teeth. Since it still contains all the natural vitamins, minerals, and proteins of raw milk, it can help you strengthen your bones and fight the effects of ageing on your bones. The calcium-rich beverage is an effective health drink for toddlers and kids as it catalyses body growth and shields overall well-being. 

2. Improves Your Immune System

Boosting immunity is another one of the vital A2 milk benefits. Having a warm glass of A2 cow milk with a pinch of turmeric mixed well can improve your immune system significantly. If turmeric milk isn’t something you’d like, Kapiva’s A2 cow ghee made from A2 cow milk is a healthy alternative. It satisfies up to 90% of your daily omega-3 fatty acid requirement and aids the body in fighting joint pain and other health concerns that come with ageing. The nutritious desi ghee can be consumed regularly for effective weight management and to maintain healthy cholesterol levels.

3. Ensures Mental And Physical Wellness

A2 milk benefits for your mental and physical wellness are well documented. If you’re looking to fulfil your daily requirement of essential nutrients, minerals, and vitamins, you can consume the A2 cow milk. As per comprehensive research, the formulation of A2 cow milk consists of 12% more protein, 33% more Vitamin D, and 15% more Calcium. Thus, your body remains extremely healthy and fits with the excessive intake of crucial vitamins and minerals. 

Since your body develops a robust immune system and doesn’t fall sick very often, you are in a better mental space and a fitter physical state. If you’re looking for an effective weight management solution, you can consume a glass of A2 cow milk alongside regular exercise and a healthy dietary regimen for body fitness. 

What Are The Benefits Of Toned Milk For Health?

What is toned milk? When skim milk (milk with less than 0.5% milkfat) is added to dilute whole (full cream) buffalo milk, the result is toned milk. This milk is low in fat content but nutritionally similar to whole milk in terms of calcium and protein concentrations. People who wish to lose weight without losing out on essential nutrients can utilize the benefits of toned milk. 

Toned milk is a healthy alternative to whole milk and delivers a healthy dose of protein, vitamins, and minerals. Regular yet moderate consumption can give the best benefits of toned milk, including stronger bones with high mineral density and a reduced risk of heart problems and diabetes.

Why Is A2 Milk Better For You?

Regular milk and A2 milk are similar in nutritional profile. Then why is A2 milk better for you? The only difference is the absence of A1 beta-casein proteins in A2 milk. A1 proteins have been shown to trigger chronic disorders like elevated HDL cholesterol levels, increased blood sugar levels, brain disorders, and a general decrease in immunity levels. A2 cow milk benefits include improved heart health due to omega-3 fatty acids in A2 milk and blood pressure regulation due to beneficial potassium.

Summing It Up

A2 milk benefits are aplenty. contains just the correct formulation for healthy metabolism and digestion and hence is a healthier alternative for milk consumers. The robust composition of several essential nutrients, minerals, vitamins, and proteins in the A2 milk can benefit your health on colossal levels. Make A2 milk or A2 cow ghee a part of your daily dietary regimen to harness the strength and nutrition that this natural health drink offers and steer clear of disorders and ailments.


Q: Can we drink A2 milk daily?

Yes. Milk has always been one of the richest sources of calcium. Consuming A2 milk triggers an increase in bone mineral density and good cholesterol. Drink A2 milk daily to get a massive dose of vital nutrients and minerals.

Q: What is A2 milk good for?

A2 milk is an excellent source of protein and calcium required for healthy bone development and other cellular processes. Omega 3 fats in A2 milk improve LDL cholesterol levels, and potassium maintains healthy blood pressure levels. A2 cow milk benefits include nourishment of deep tissues and muscles, and strengthening and repairing them.

Q: How much A2 milk should you drink a day?

Ideally, adults can consume up to 3 glasses (1 glass = 8 ounces) every day to get optimum A2 cow milk benefits. Toddlers (<2 years) can drink 1 glass, kids (>2 and <4 years) can drink 2 glasses, children (>4 and <9 years) can drink 2.5 glasses, and kids above 9 can drink 3 glasses of A2 milk every day.

Q: Is A2 milk good for skin?

Yes. A2 milk is nutritionally dense and can help you maintain your youthful skin glow. The beneficial proteins in A2 milk help tighten your skin, leaving you with lesser wrinkles and fine lines. It also contains antioxidants like retinol and vitamin D that protect and reverse the harmful damage from UV rays.

Q: Who should not take A2 milk?

A2 milk is generally safe for everyone. If you are pregnant, breastfeeding, on some medications, or are lactose-intolerant, then you should talk to your medical practitioner to decide if you should consume A2 milk or not and in what quantity.

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