Plant Protein Vs Animal Protein

By Kapiva Editorial

Each passing day is seeing an exponential growth in the number of people adopting the Vegan lifestyle. Which brings us to delve deep into figuring out how a plant-based protein diet can be beneficial.

There always will be lobbies against it, but that’s a moot conversation anyway. Today we will explore the upsides of a Vegan lifestyle, so that you are able to make an informed decision regarding what you’d prefer.

The major advantage of following a Vegan diet is you can be assured of it being acquired in a cruelty-free manner. In other words, each morsel of your food will not have sacrificed any life whatsoever. The world could do with more of it.

The pros of a Vegan diet far outnumber the cons (there are hardly any, truth be told!).

Benefits of a Plant-Based Diet

  1. Hub of nutrients
    A diet consisting of greens, comes with a plethora of nutrients like vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals and antioxidants which a Carnivore diet will not be able to match up to.
  2. Rich source of fibre
    A plant-based diet is high on fibre which is great for lowering of cholesterol and proper bowel management. It also helps with the upkeep of gut health, so you’re able to absorb nutrients better.
  3. Great for weight loss
    If you’ve been trying to shed those extra kilos, switch to a plant-based diet immediately. Why? Because plant-based protein powders tend to be lower in calories and fats than animal protein. Takes you one step closer to your dream shape!
  4. Boosts your immune system
    Yes, being rich in antioxidants, a plant-based diet fights infections and free radicles more effectively than Carnivore diet would.

And if the above reasons don’t convince you, the moral ground surely would. No one needs to die to please your taste buds.

So if you’re thinking about how to keep your protein intake constant while following a Vegan diet, worry no more. Kapiva Vegan Protein is here to your rescue!

The Vegan Protein is a healthy mix of nutrients with 26g of protein, 14g BCAAs, 13g Glutamic Acid and 26 Vitamins & Minerals – a great option for enhancing protein in Vegan diets, which are often low in protein. It helps in quick recovery after a workout, supporting the process of muscle building. The icing on the cake? It’s available in two super-yum flavours – Chocolate and Cookies & Cream.

And no, Vegan Protein does not come with after-effects like bloating and gas.

Now you can decide. Take a look at Meal Replacement Shake – An Authentic Accomplice in Your Weight Loss Journey

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