Why It’s Worth Investing In India’s Answer To Manuka Honey

By Kapiva Editorial

It’s easy to dismiss the price of pure, rare products as over-hyped and overrated. But there is a price far greater than that, our health. For years now, we’ve chosen to invest our money towards doctors, tests, medicine and treatments. But the more we learn, the more we understand that so many of the ailments we develop are a result of our poor dietary choices and an unhealthy lifestyle.

In the name of good health, food companies have used scientific studies as the basis to push their own products. But unlike pills developed in a lab, nature isn’t so sterile or homogeneous. “Nature is a unique being and every tree, every flower, every seed varies. But we’ve become accustomed to treating our food like medicine rather than treating it like food IS medicine. If we did our jobs correctly, we’d actually make sure that what we are eating is what we are actually eating” says health advocate/wellness expert Amit Vaidya.

Given the difficulty then to scale up products, Kapiva Ayurveda has ensured that their products never succumb to demand but rather make available what’s there in nature. “It is for that very reason that I chose to collaborate with Kapiva Ayurveda on a series of limited edition, good quality products that are difficult to procure, rare to find and ultimately will be costly because they are next to impossible to scale up” says Vaidya.

The benefits of a 100% pure honey extracted from the flowers of the Moringa tree isn’t something ordinary. It’s in fact so rare, there are very few farmers across the world doing this. “When you purchase the Kapiva x L4TA Moringa Honey you are getting a high-quality product that isn’t luxurious because of its price but rather because local is the real luxury.

Supporting local farmers, local vegetation, keeping alive old farming traditions – these are musts in order to preserve the medicinal aspect of our greatest healers.”

There’s a cost to maintaining good health. The choice is ours to make to decide if we’d rather attain it by living well, investing in products that give us that health advantage or follow the road most take and wait till we become unwell. Is that really the price we want to pay?

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