Can A Healthy Sex Life Reduce Anxiety And Reduce Depression?

By Kapiva Editorial

It has been the debate starter for years whether sexual intercourse comes with any benefits, other than just physical pleasure. Does it assist our body to reduce anxiety or reduce depression? The definite answer to that would be “yes”. And Science backs it. How, do you ask? It’s all the hormones’ work. The game-changers are the release of hormones like dopamine, endorphins, and oxytocin which act as instant mood-boosters. These hormones help you bond with your partner by increasing the feeling of ‘compassion’. Sexual intercourse also lowers the secretion of cortisol, which is the stress hormone alleviating our mind’s efforts to reduce anxiety and reduce depression.

So Can Sex Help Reduce Anxiety Or Reduce Depression?

Well, we aren’t saying that sex is a cure to reduce anxiety or reduce depression – that’s too huge a claim! But we can definitely conclude that a healthy sex life means the release of the copious amount of “happy hormones” in your body, which make you feel good. It is hence a no-brainer that sex is an escape (might be a temporary one!) from feeling sad, low or stressed out.

Your Key To A Goodnight’s Sleep

Need something to help you sleep better at night? Sex is the answer. The hormone prolactin is released when your body experiences an orgasm, making you sleepy. And we needn’t elaborate on the upsides of getting a good night’s sleep in helping to reduce anxiety and reduce depression.

And The Benefits Don’t End There

That’s not it. Sex also accounts for a considerable amount of activity in your daily life. On a good day, men can burn up to 100 calories (yes!), while women can go up to about 69 (yes, you read that right!) A deal couldn’t get any better – it keeps you cheery, and helps you sleep, all the while helping you achieve your weight loss goals! This also boosts happy hormones that help reduce anxiety and reduce depression.

Role Of Ayurveda In A Good Sex Life

Now the question is, how can one improve his/her sex life?

Ayurveda has had a huge role to play in improving the sex lives of people, for thousands of years now. Tried, tested and trusted herbs like Shilajeet, Kaunch Beej, Shatavari and Safed Musli are renowned the world over.

Kapiva’s Sexual Wellness Combo dedicates itself to the cause – truly living up to its name! It brings together these very herbs, packed in a bottle to give the much-needed boost and vigour to your sex life. The aforementioned herbs are potent reinforcers of sexual wellness. Consequently, this herbal remedy addresses sexual dysfunctions like premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, infertility, and impotency. Acquired through extensive, natural methodologies, Kapiva Vigor Max Juice and Aloe Shilajeet Juice come together to provide all-around support to your sexual health.

Kapiva Vigor Max Juice is a combination of 7 potent herbs like Ashwagandha, Safed Musli and Kaunch Beej which help raise the libido and testosterone levels, revitalizing the natural balance of hormones in the male body. While Aloe Shilajeet Juice contains the world-famous herb Shilajeet! Shilajeet is a natural mineral native to the Himalayas, and it grows only during the summer months. This magical herb rejuvenates and cleanses the urinary tract as well as the lungs while bolstering your strength and supporting the immune system. With all the health benefits the side effects are a nutritionally better-equipped body that can help reduce stress and reduce depression.

No side effects; only benefits galore – Kapiva Sexual Wellness Combo will keep you sated, and leave your partner, asking for more! It’s important to understand and acknowledge that Sex is as much a need as eating or sleeping.

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