Best Foods to Cleanse Your Liver

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Over the past few years, the word detox has grown in popularity, with many adding detox diets and drinks to their daily routine in hopes to achieve a healthier lifestyle. While you’ve probably heard of full body detox and may have tried a couple yourself, did you know that there is one organ that plays a major role in the detoxification process? We’re referring to the liver. Your liver is your body’s natural filter. It is in charge of converting toxins into waste and cleansing your blood, storing essential vitamins, minerals, and glycogen while metabolizing nutrients and medications to give the body the most important proteins. Therefore, it’s paramount to choose the right food for liver to keep it healthy. Aside from making lifestyle changes, adding cleansing food for liver can also prove beneficial for your liver and, in turn, your overall health. 

How To Detox Liver?

Since the liver is responsible for numerous functions within the body, it goes through a lot of exertion. Add in unhealthy lifestyle habits such as excess consumption of alcohol, tobacco, and processed or fried foods, and you could be putting yourself at risk of liver damage.

Your liver cells are also packed with mitochondria which provide energy to our cells. When these start to decline, it takes a toll on your liver. Luckily, the right diet and supplements can help support and maintain this function. 

To improve your liver health and boost the detoxification process, you can do several things. Choosing a proper diet is one of them. Since cleansing food for liver is easy to digest, it’s the best and most natural way to protect this important organ. 

How to Cleanse Your Liver After Binge Drinking?

Downing those shots or chugging back a few beers during your night out may seem fun, but your liver bears the brunt. Alcohol is one of the main culprits that can damage the liver, especially when consumed in large amounts. It leads to the accumulation of fat in the liver. This is known as alcoholic fatty liver disease. This condition leads to alcoholic hepatitis or inflammation and irritation in the liver. So, after a night out, here’s what you need to do to give your liver the nutrients it needs to ensure it functions properly.

  • Reduce your alcohol intake: Reducing or stopping your alcohol consumption, especially if you have an unhealthy liver, is the first and most important step to ensuring you don’t suffer from liver damage. 
  • Supplements and vitamins: B12 and other B vitamins will give you an energy boost and help your liver process the remaining alcohol. You can also consume Kapiva’s Liver Care Juice to increase your liver health. 
  • Lemon & Honey Tea: If you’re dealing with an upset stomach the next day, lemon honey tea works wonders. This aids in flushing out toxins and improving liver health. 
  • Drink plenty of water: If you’re looking for the best liver cleanse juice post your binge drinking session, water is your best option. Drinking plenty of water throughout the day can help flush out toxins and keep you hydrated. 

Top 8 Cleansing Food For Liver

If you want a healthy liver, include these 8 liver cleansing foods to detox liver. 

1) Leafy Greens

Chlorophyll helps soak up toxins from the bloodstream, and leafy green vegetables are rich in this component. They are healthy for your body and do not add too much to your calorie count, making them the best liver cleansing foods to add to your diet. Aside from promoting healthy liver functions, vegetables like Kale, Spinach, mustard greens, parsley, and broccoli can also reduce other health risks like heart disease and high blood pressure. 

2) Fatty Fish

Your love for seafood can help with promoting liver health. It is a great food for liver. Fresh tuna, anchovies, sardines, and mackerel are considered the best liver cleansing foods. These fish are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids and prevent the buildup of excess fats. They also help maintain enzyme levels in the liver.

3) Infusions

Believe it or not, coffee helps promote liver health. Green tea and coffee are high in antioxidants that help lower the risk of cirrhosis. 

4) Garlic

Garlic is packed with antibacterial agents and selenium and is a super food for liver. When consumed, it helps activate the detox liver enzymes, eliminating toxins from the body. 

5) Nuts

Walnuts contain high levels of glutathione and omega-3 fatty acids, making them great natural liver cleansing foods. Meanwhile, Almonds are rich in Vitamin E and unsaturated fats, which help keep the cholesterol levels in check. 

6) Olive Oil

Olive oil reduces the accumulation of fat in the liver. It also provides improved insulin sensitivity and even boosts blood levels of liver enzymes.

7) Fruits & Berries

Citrus fruits, and high fibre liver cleansing foods, are good for the gut and stimulate the liver. Fresh juices are also good for the liver.

8) Beetroot Juice

If you’re searching for the best liver cleansing juice, beetroots are your best bet as liver cleansing foods. They are rich in potassium, Vitamin C, and antioxidants and are great for when you need a good liver cleanse. 

liver cleansing foods

When it comes to maintaining liver health, it’s best to go the ayurvedic route. Kapiva’s Liver Care Juice is great ayurvedic medicine to detox liver as it’s made with a blend of 5 potent Ayurvedic ingredients – Aloe Vera, Bhui Amla, Kalmegh, Kutki, and fresh Haldi. This helps reduce free radicals in the body and supports long-term liver health by reducing liver toxicity. 

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