6 Incredible Benefits of Amla Juice for Your Health

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Our age-old Vedas contain magical practices to help alleviate diseases. They have recommended many herbs for holistic wellness. One of these herbs that have proven to be of immense value is our dearest – Amla. Its medicinal properties can help ward off the toughest of ailments! 

Amla is certainly popular for its numerous health benefits but did you know, Amla is known as ‘Divyaushada’ or divine medicine? This is because it contains five tastes – sweet, sour, bitter, astringent, and pungent that help in the functioning of both the mind and body. They can indeed be quite sour and acidic in taste.

Benefits of Drinking Amla Juice

Bolsters Immunity and Fights Cold

Have you been wondering what can be the perfect daily dose of nutrition? Enriched with the goodness of Vitamin C, iron, and calcium, Kapiva Amla juice is power-packed with amazing health care nutrients. It increases the total count of white blood cells, your body’s coping mechanism to fight allergies, and also its ability to flush out toxins. With antibacterial and astringent properties, it shields your body from harmful bacteria. In fact, one of the prevailing uses of Amla juice is its ability to fight the common cold. The powerful antiviral agents help eliminate respiratory tract infections and allergies like asthma, bronchitis, tuberculosis, etc. Regular consumption of amla juice can strengthen your immunity and help keep illness at bay! 

Usage of Amla Juice for Immunity and Cold

Mix two teaspoons of Kapiva Amla juice with an equal amount of honey and consume it every day!

Helps in Facilitating Digestion 

Amla juice is an ideal remedy for digestive disorders. Loaded with the goodness of fiber, it strengthens the digestive tract that in turn facilitates the breakdown and assimilation of food. Consuming it every day can improve gut health, regulate bowel movements, lessen acidity and gastric inflammation. 

Usage of Amla Juice for Digestion

Dilute 20-30ml of Kapiva Amla juice in a glass of water and consume it every morning on an empty stomach.

A Great Skin Care Option

Looking for anti-aging remedies? Kapiva Amla juice is your answer. The uses of Amla juice for skincare are many! Amla juice is filled with Antioxidants that lower the signs of skin aging like wrinkles and fine lines. A good amount of Vitamin C and other nutrients help in nourishing skin cells and repair damaged skin. It also exfoliates dead skin cells. This helps in clearing dark circles, marks, and pigmentation that is caused due to dead and damaged cells. Well for skincare, there is definitely no reason why you shouldn’t be consuming Amla juice already!

Usage of Amla Juice for Skin Care

With the help of a cotton swab, apply Kapiva Amla juice to your face. Let it stay for a few minutes and rinse off.

Dilute 20-30ml of Kapiva Amla juice in one glass of water. Add honey as per taste and drink every morning for blemish-free, healthy, and glowing skin.

Helps in Hair Nourishment

This juice is a natural tonic for hair and thus we can enjoy multiple hair benefits of Amla juice. The phytonutrients, vitamins, and minerals present in Amla juice help in increasing blood circulation in the scalp thereby improving hair growth. Vitamin C produces collagen protein. It decelerates graying, prevents dandruff, and strengthens hair follicles. Also if you are stuck with rough hair, Amla juice with its natural conditioning value will give you smooth and soft locks.  

Usage of Amla Juice for Hair

Take some Kapiva Amla juice on your fingertips and directly apply it to the scalp. Massage gently and let it stay for about an hour. Wash it off with a mild cleanser.

May Help in Regulating Blood Sugar 

The presence of a powerful antioxidant Vitamin C is what makes Kapiva Amla juice a great remedy for blood sugar levels. This in turn has a strong association with the level of diabetes. It consists of chromium, a mineral that helps keep carbohydrate metabolism in check and also makes the body more responsive to insulin, further keeping the blood sugar levels under control.

Usage of Amla Juice for Blood Sugar

Dilute 30ml Kapiva Amla juice in a glass of water. Add honey/salt as per taste. Consume it twice a day for best results!

Improves Oral Health

 Filled with the goodness of antioxidants and Vitamin C, Kapiva Amla juice acts as a great mouthwash that helps in eliminating bacterial and viral infestations in the mouth. This natural cleanser can also help treat bad breath and mouth ulcers effectively. Also, it helps in cleaning and strengthening the teeth. It is indeed a potent package to enhance oral health.

Usage of Amla Juice for Oral Health

Dilute 20-30ml Kapiva Amla juice in a glass of water and gargle every day to relieve pain from ulcers, strengthen teeth and ward off bad breath.

How To Use Amla Juice – Dosage Instructions

After reading the benefits of Amla juice mentioned above, you must be wondering how you could incorporate this wonder drink into your daily regime, right? Well, all you need to do is dilute 30 ml of Amla juice with 30 ml water. Your power pack of Vitamin C will be ready to consume once you do this! 

What is the best time to consume Amla juice? 

You can have this juice any time of the day but if you ask us, the best time to drink Amla juice would be every morning before breakfast. This juice will not only keep you rejuvenated throughout the day but also strengthen your immune health.

What happens if we drink Amla juice on an empty stomach?

Like mentioned before, Amla juice is best consumed on an empty stomach. Once this juice enters your system, it will clear out the impurities and nourish your body. A great tonic for your skin and hair, you won’t regret adding Amla Juice to your diet routine.

Kapiva Amla Juice- Made of wild amlas of UP

To make its consumption of amla juice simpler, Kapiva brings to you its cold-pressed, nutrient-rich Amla Juice. It’s truly authentic, pure, and of proven value. The purity of our Amla juice begins straight from its inception. We start with sourcing Amlas from Pratapgarh, UP – popularly known as – The heartland of Amlas. 

This juice is a powerhouse of Vitamin C and other essential nutrients. Making Kapiva Amla Juice an integral part of your daily routine can do a wealth of good to your health. To help you make an informed decision, we have curated some important health benefits of Amla juice and its usage methods below. They’re sure to reveal some interesting facts you haven’t been privy to. Sounds intriguing? Read on to know more!

Bottom Line

Owing to an array of health benefits of Amla juice, we proudly vouch for its goodness! Kapiva Amla juice can be your accomplice to fight any health issues. If consumed every day, it is sure to yield startling results. 

Go on and make Kapiva Amla Juice your daily health care dose. Also, spread the good word and let everyone adopt the goodness of this Amla juice today!

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