7 Best Teas To Boost Your Immunity

By Kapiva Editorial

“Teatime is the chance to slow down, pull back and appreciate our surroundings.” Courtesy of the soothing effect that the adrak wali chai has on us, we associate the warm beverage with calmness, tranquility, and imperturbability. However, the ancient drink is incredibly effective for boosting your immune system. If you despise kadhas like most of us do, herbal immune-boosting teas are the ideal alternatives to stay hale and hearty. 

If you consume a hot cup of tea every day, you can steer clear of viral fevers and sore throats. The warmth of the beverage prevents cough-formation, thereby helping you maintain good health without chugging unnecessary medicines down your throat. Teas are also high in antioxidants, antiviral, and antibacterial, so it’s safe to say that tea-lovers are less prone to fall sick as compared to people who depend on cold, aerated drinks, and sodas to quench their thirst. 

Thus, apart from it being a stress-buster, the immunity-building abilities of tea is another reason for you to continue taking chai breaks! Here are the 7 best teas for the immune system that shall help you strengthen your disease-resistance capacity and shield overall well-being. 


  • Ginger Tea

Ginger tea, popularly known as the adrak wali chai, is the most widely consumed health drink in the country. You can always spot a swarming stall around city street corners or next to the morning newspaper in every household. 

The key ingredient of the tea is ginger. The ayurvedic component has strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties like gingerols parasols, sesquiterpenes, shogaols, and zingerone, thus, when you add ginger to your teas, you’re giving your immune system a 2x boost. 

The warm beverage also helps reduce inflammation in health conditions like rheumatoid, arthritis, asthma, and inflammatory gut disease. Thus, you can steer clear of acute inflammations in the throat or chest and prevent the formation of cough. 


  • Peppermint Tea

Another type of tea that is gaining popularity in the health and wellness sphere is peppermint tea. The herbal ingredient, peppermint, makes up for a delicious range of caffeinated or herbal teas that are available in tea markets. The minty flavour of the ingredient strengthens the immune system in multiple ways, courtesy of its rich antimicrobial and antiviral properties. The tea also helps in enhancing your mood and improving your health. The immune-boosting tea is also effective in helping you recover faster from viral fevers and cough.

7 Best Teas To Boost Your Immunity

  • Turmeric Tea

One of the best herbal tea for the immune system, the famous turmeric tea contains raw or refined turmeric that drastically strengthens your disease resistance capacity. Turmeric contains a sub-ingredient called the curcumin that aids your immune system in fighting off various illnesses, acute or chronic. 

Curcumin that is found in turmeric is responsible for suppressing inflammation and curbing the damages caused by viruses. It also provides relief from sore throat and congestion. 


  • Kapiva Rakshan Green Tea

As the name suggests, Kapiva’s Rakshan Green Tea is a herbal blend that offers protection to your health and immune system from illnesses. The flavourful composition consists of 14% green tea leaves and 86% Ayurvedic herbs to help you harness the maximum benefits of immunity-boosting ingredients like turmeric, amla, tulsi, giloy and more. 

According to a research, Giloy boosts your immune system. It is known to possess immune-stimulating properties. The tea leaves for the healthy mix is sourced from the organic tea plantations of Assam. 


  • Lemongrass tea

This type of tea is popular for its weight-management benefits. The herbal ingredient, lemongrass, is slightly citrus in nature and thus, the tea has a tangy taste and pleasant aroma. Lemongrass contains antibacterial properties that shield the body from injections, illnesses, and diseases. The antioxidant nature of the herbal immune-boosting tea reduces inflammation dynamically. 

The citral present in lemongrass also has potent anticancer abilities that fight cancer cells and free radicals of the body. Lemongrass tea strengthens your disease resistance capacity and makes you immune to viral fevers and colds. 


  • Chamomile Tea

Yet another incredibly effective herbal tea for the immune system is Chamomile tea. 

Chamomile is a common name for daisy-like plants of the scientific Asteraceae family. Two species of the plant family, Matricaria recutita and Anthemis Nobilis are utilized in herbal teas for immune-boosting effects on health. 

The herbal tea can instantly provide relief from symptoms of common cold and fevers while relaxing your mind. The antibacterial properties enhance your disease resistance capacity while the soothing aroma of Chamomile rejuvenates the body from within. 


  • Good Ol’ Green Tea

It is detrimental to not underestimate the power of plain warm-water green tea. Along with their weight-management capabilities, green teas also help in improving your health by boosting your immunity. The green leaves of tea are either pan-fried or steamed post-harvest that increases the composition of immune-boosting properties of the tea like antioxidants and catechins. You can fight the flu and common cold by consuming a cup of green tea every day. 

Furthermore, green tea contains immune-beneficial compounds that increase the number of regulatory T cells that suppress autoimmune disease and facilitate optimal functioning of your health and body.


Bottom Line

Several studies communicate the efficacy of botanical blends and tea and how these prove beneficial to human health. Straddling back to the ancient ayurveda biology for immune-boosting solutions has unfurled several natural and side-effect-free antidotes for individuals with a weak immune system. 

Scientific studies verify the panacea capabilities of tea and prove that various herbal beverages can effectively boost your immune system in the most natural ways through antibacterial and antioxidant properties. You can also shield yourself from common colds and viral fevers by consuming at least a cup of your favourite herbal tea every day. A healthier alternative to aerated drinks, you can unlock the pink of health with herbal teas.

It is important to know that herbal teas are not alternatives to medical treatments, in case you feel weak or are unable to combat a common cold, a visit to your doctor is imperative. 

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