5 Ayurvedic Herbs To Boost Your Immunity

By Kapiva Editorial

It is no secret that during the current times you are only as healthy as your immune system. Thus, it is important for you to take measures to put your HEALTH FIRST by following a healthy diet, exercising regularly, and keeping your stress levels low. Along with this, you should also work on improving your sleep schedule. 

The best way to build a stronger immunity is by consuming foods that keep your immune system intact and healthy. Let us take you through some of the ancient Ayurvedic herbs that can boost your immunity. 


Moringa for Immunity

A good one to start off the list, did you know? Moringa contains as many as 7 times more vitamin C than oranges! Vitamin C is one of the greatest sources of immunity-boosting supplements we can take. Available in the form of herbal juices, Moringa should be your number one companion this season. 

Moringa also consists of other important nutrients. It can help strengthen your cells, muscles, tissues and help your body heal faster. It is also known for its richness in potassium, iron, calcium, and amino acids. 


Tulsi for Immunity

Needless to mention, Tulsi has multiple benefits. This aromatic plant has been a part of Indian houses, as well as worshiped for its magical properties. Not only this, it can be easily found in your backyard. Thus, it makes for the best do-it-yourself fix when nothing else is available. 

For eons, Tulsi has been used in medicines, syrups, and herbal juices for its antioxidant properties. Also known as basil, it is a powerful germicide and can effectively locate germs, viruses, and bacteria present in your body and help get rid of them.

Whether you want to simply chew on the leaves first thing in the morning, or jump-start your routine by having a glass of diluted tulsi juice. Either way, it is incredible in its ability to ward off infections. 

You can also use Tulsi Ark to take your plate of food to boost its health quotient. 


Turmeric for Immunity

Another easily found ingredient in your kitchen is all the rage right now. This wonder ingredient is added to almost every food in Indian cuisine, to not only bring up a wonderful color, and texture but also to make your food healthier. With this ingredient, a little goes a long way. 

An alternative way to consume turmeric would be to have it in the form of a turmeric juice that is diluted and consumed first thing in the morning. 

Rich in curcumin, it can help remove toxins from your body and strengthen your immunity system to fight off germs and bacteria. A combination of aloe and turmeric, available in the form of an aloe turmeric juice can also be extremely beneficial when added to your daily diet. 

Lastly, there’s always an option to have a spoonful of turmeric with a glass of milk to boost immunity instantly. 


Ashwagandha for Immunity

A rather unusual but essential one on this list, the reason we are talking about Ashwagandha is that we understand the uneasiness that is being caused because of the uncertain times we are living in currently. 

With the constant news article flashes and the overall environment being unprecedented, it is important for you to take care of your mental health just as much as your physical, and biological health. 

Stress can lower your immune response and make your body more susceptible to viral infections, thus taking an adaptogen like ashwagandha can easily ward off your stress levels and help you relax. In addition to this, stress is also known to decrease the body’s white blood cell count that helps fight off the infection. The lower your white blood count, the more you run the risk to catch viruses including the common cold, and cold sores.



Triphala for Immunity

The last on our list is Triphala which is rich in antioxidants, with the power of three fruits – Haritaki, Baheda, and amla – it is loaded with Vitamin C and Vitamin A – both of which can help strengthen your immunity. 

While on one hand, the richness of Amla in Vitamin C can work wonders for your body, Harad helps greatly with the production of white blood cells in your body. And to top it all, Baheda increases the ability of your body to engulf the bacteria post killing them. 

The best way to consume this is by adding a bottle of Kapiva Triphala Juice to your diet and letting it work its magic!


To conclude, we would like to mention that we understand that times around you are getting tougher by the day. Between taking care of your home, your family, and your job – it becomes hard to take care of yourself. 

Hence, we wanted to extend a helping hand that will help you put your HEALTH FIRST and keep yourself hearty, healthy, and happy. And to always remember, that all of us are in this together.

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