Does Stress Weaken Your Immune System?

By Kapiva Editorial

In these trying times, stress has become a normal part of our life. The degree of stress can vary from lasting a day like an important presentation or it could be long-term like a strained relationship. While research says some levels of stress can be good for you, long-term chronic stress can lead to several physical and mental problems. This is why we must know how to handle our stress using healthy practices. 

In this blog, we focus on the dangers of stress to your body and mind and the best ways you can tackle this issue. 

What Impact Does Stress Have On You? 

We usually get stressed when we are unable to cope up with a certain environment or situation.

Now simply put, stress can cause your body to produce a hormone called cortisol. This stress hormone can negatively affect your immune system’s ability to get rid of foreign substances like germs and bacteria. This takes place by cortisol lowering the lymphocytes count in the blood – the white blood cells that help your body fight off infections or viruses in your body. If we have high levels of stress that go beyond a day then our nervous system begins to normalise these intensified levels of stress. Over time, our body continuously produces this stress hormone regardless of a stressful event. 

Not only does high stress level affect us physiologically but psychologically too. Mental issues like depression and anxiety are common among people who live in stress-inducing environments like troubled households or high-pressure workplaces. 

Usually, when people don’t know how to cope with the stress they resort to unhealthy coping mechanisms that involve drinking, smoking, or drugs as escapism. An addiction to these substances directly affects the immune system causing a risk to chronic health conditions like heart diseases, kidney failure, liver and lung damage, to name a few.   

How Can You Overcome Stress? 

The current situation has led us to get stressed about more than one thing at a time. While we struggle with juggling work, family, and other commitments we often ignore our own mental and physical health. It is very important to set aside some time for yourself to compose and unwind yourself to lead a happier and healthier life. 

Here are some easy tips you can incorporate into your life: 


  • Take A Break

It’s very important to take regular breaks, be it work or social media. We are bound to feel overwhelmed by being stuck within our four walls. Take out 10-15 minutes between your work to catch a breath. You could go for a stroll, listen to your favourite song, or take regular water breaks. Sometimes, a social media detox can also be effective as social media feeds these days have a deluge of negative news that negatively affects your mood. These easy-to-do activities will help you calm your body and mind. 


  • Exercise Regularly 

Regular exercise helps you get rid of stress hormones and improves your overall mood by producing ‘feel-good’ hormones, called endorphins. A piece of advice, don’t see exercise as an added burden on your to-do list, rather choose any activity you enjoy. It could be as simple as walking around your colony, playing cricket with your friends, or following a dance workout. Keep it fun and be regular! 

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  • 10 Minutes Meditation

When we’re stressed our body automatically reacts with a ‘fight or flight’ response. This 10 minute meditation technique called the relaxation response is designed to relax our body- eased breathing, pulse rate, blood pressure. The technique consists of a silent repetition of a word or a phrase of your liking. You must close your eyes, relax your muscles and breathe through your nose mindfully. During the session, avoid any intruding thoughts by focusing on your silent chant. 

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  • Sufficient Sleep 

Following a regular sleep pattern helps to restore your body and improves concentration, productivity and boosts your mood. 8 hours of sleep is the bare minimum your body needs to function well. You’re more likely to handle stress effectively when you’re calm and recharged. Interdependently, a decrease in stress levels facilitates sound sleep.  


  • Talk to you dear ones 

Is something bothering you? Talk to your family or friends about your problems instead of bottling them up within. Surely by confiding in them it’ll release a part of your stress. Asking for help is not a sign of weakness, so go ahead and ask for it when you need it. 


Ayurvedic Remedies to Overcome Stress and Boost Immunity 

Who isn’t guilty of stress eating? Following that is the guilt we feel after eating food with high calories, sugar, and fat contents. Ayurveda is premised on keeping the mind, body, and spirit in balance by following a healthy diet and lifestyle. This old age practice effectively treats and prevents innumerable ailments and diseases with its natural remedies. Ayurveda recommends starting the day with detoxification to boost your immunity. Starting the day with one glass of our herbal juices will keep you refreshed and energised throughout the day.  

Modern Ayurveda has brought back the basics of the Ayurvedic lifestyle making it feasible and accessible for all. Kapiva focuses on modern applications to modern health problems using Ayurveda for instance our Ashwagandha Fizz drink. This effervescent powder makes for a refreshing drink that feels and tastes just like a soda! It has the benefits of enhancing your mental wellbeing by combating stress. Additionally, it helps to calm your mind and improve your concentration leading to a productive day. When work-life stress is swallowing you whole, this is the perfect relief to your problems. Why pop pills for stress when you can sip on a refreshing and soothing drink like Ashwagandha Fizz at any time of the day? 

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