Lifestyle Tips and Herbal Products that Help Boost Immunity

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 Your immune system is your armour. It shields you from viruses, colds, coughs, or touches of flu. However, to do its job right your immunity should be in good shape. It needs to react instantaneously to protect you from health threats. This strong immune system is a product of holistic well being. Your metabolism, digestion, gut health, liver functions, cardiovascular health, hormones, etc everything sums up to making you healthier. 

 The lifestyle you follow plays a vital role in determining your immunity. Even minuscule changes in your daily patterns can go a long way in helping you be a healthier version of yourself. So what lifestyle changes are best for increasing immunity? Below is a list of lifestyle changes you can incorporate into your daily regime followed by herbal supplements you should intake for improved health. Keep reading to enlighten yourself. 


What are the Lifestyle Changes That Help the Immune System?


  1. Well-Balanced Diet: Loading up on the right foods that yield enough nutrition is key to a healthy immune system. Your plate should look colourful. Fill it with greens, fruits and veggies. Make it a balance of the right macro and micronutrients your body needs. A diet always differs from person to person. It is hence advisable to consult a nutritionist and adopt a diet that is tailored for your body. 


  1. Adequate Sleep: Getting the right amount of sleep is very important for a healthy immune system. Being sleep deprived can have adverse effects on your health. Your body needs rest to reset, detoxify, and rejuvenate. For adults, adequate sleep time should be in between 7-9 hours every day.   


  1. Proper Exercise: Exercising daily is a pillar of a healthy lifestyle. Its presence helps your immunity stand strong. Exercise helps release the accumulated stress and stagnant energy in the body. It improves heart health, blood pressure, blood circulation, and controls body weight. Just like diet, exercise contributes to enhancing human health that in turn has a positive effect on the immune system. 


  1. Stress Less: Living a fast-paced life being subjected to stressful situations is a part and parcel. Excess stress hampers your sleep, food, lifestyle, etc that in turn affects your health. Stress hormones negatively impact the immune system. It is hence necessary to manage stress to maintain a healthy immune system. 


  1. Nurturing Daily Routine: Ayurveda suggests that following a routine helps strengthen the immune system. Every day try to eat, sleep, and exercise at the same time. Following a pattern is helpful for the body. Set one that suits you right and adhere to the norms.


  1. Yoga, Pranayam, and Dhyana: Yoga, pranayama and dhyana each have positive effects on your health. It is a combination of mind, body, and soul that helps cultivate the presence of the mind, encourages tranquillity, and eliminates toxins. All of these aid holistic health and help you lead a fuller life. This promotes a healthier immune system. In your everyday schedule make some time to practice all three in moderation for effective results.  

 Herbal Products that Boost Immunity

Kapiva Tulsi Giloy Juice: A combination of two healthful herbs Tulsi and Giloy, the Kapiva Tulsi Giloy juice offers many health benefits. Tulsi is well known for combating respiratory ailments and regulates blood pressure. Giloy has anti-inflammatory and antipyretic properties which help boost your immunity that help fight against infections and aid in early recovery. Giloy and Tulsi together act as antidotes for stress and improve brain functions. The regular consumption of this juice also facilitates digestion by improving liver functions.  


Kapiva Pure Tulsi Ark: Infused with five different variants of Tulsi such as Kala, Rama, Lemon, Bisv, and Marua, the Kapiva Pure Tulsi Ark is a go-to remedy for good health. Its numerous healing properties help seek riddance from cold, cough, flu and sore throat. It aids healthy cortisol levels that help keep the mind calm and relaxed. Enriched with antioxidants such as Eugenol, Thymol, and Methyl Chavicol, it curbs the effects of free radicals. The 5 types of tulsi ensure an optimum level of antiviral, antifungal, and antibacterial properties which promote improved immune responses. 


Kapiva Triphala Juice: The ‘tri’ in Triphala juice stands for ‘three’ and ‘phala’ defines fruits. It is made from three Indian dried fruits – Amla, Bahera, and Haritaki. Kapiva provides you with all the original benefits of Triphala by using pure, raw herbs (instead of extracts) and not adding any artificial colours or flavours. The Kapiva Triphala juice boosts immunity, aids metabolism and helps in more efficient absorption of nutrients. It has powerful natural compounds and is enriched with antioxidants content that helps fight infections and strengthens your immune system. The regular consumption of this juice can also alleviate constipation and improve digestion. 


Kapiva Aloe + Amla Juice: Filled with the goodness of two wonder herbs, the Kapiva Aloe + Amla juice is a healthy choice for improving digestive health, immunity and overall well-being. Extracted from the finest Rajasthani Aloe Vera plants and the purest Amlas from the Heartland of Amlas Pratapgarh this juice is enriched with authentic ingredients. It is cold-pressed with no added heat or chemicals that help retain all the original nutritional value. Aloe Vera is an effective remedy for healthy skin. It clears acne and delays the effects of ageing by preventing the formation of lines and wrinkles. Amla acts as a blood purifier that helps alleviate skin infections. Consuming this juice daily can also improve metabolism and digestion. Further, it acts as a natural detoxifier that helps cleanse your system.

Summing it Up

A healthy lifestyle is a combination of the food you eat, the air you breathe, sleeping patterns and other habits you inculcate. To get it right, you need to keep everything in check. Downplaying even one of these factors can take a toll on your health. So make sure you examine your routine, identify the gaps and take the necessary actions to progress. Attach Ayurveda and its powerful herbs to your life to witness the goodness of nature. It will truly help you attain a positive and healthy life. 


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