Simple Tips To Prevent Viral Infection

By Kapiva Editorial

There is a definite correlation between the incidence of viral infection and the time of the year – that’s why they call it the “flu season”. Ever noticed that influenza breakouts occur specifically during the colder months of the year, in each hemisphere? But we can’t let the occurrence of seasons call the shots. Winter would come every year – does that mean we’ll have to fall sick every year too? No, right?

Therefore, follow these simple, handy tips to keep yourself flu-free at all times.

Tips to prevent viral infection

  • Lean on the Greens

    Include a lot of green, leafy vegetables in your meals. Being rich in essential vitamins, it helps you attain a balanced diet which is required for a healthy immune system. And if cooking greens every day is too much of a task, source them nutrients from a ready-to-drink powder – just add water.
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  • Be on the move

    The more active you’re, the higher is your chances of staying fit. The benefits of walking are known to all – make it a non-negotiable part of your daily routine. According to a published study, regular exercises keep multiples diseases at bay. What it does is it initiates the production of white blood cells (WBCs) which fight antigens in the body, thereby keeping you from falling ill.
    In your post-workout schedule, make sure to include a detox drink. It flushes out accumulated toxins from your body.
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  • Choose your beverages wisely

  1. Give the alcohol a miss (at least try to cut down on the consumption!).
  2. Switch to green tea; studies say that antioxidants like flavonoids present in green tea may help in weight loss and also reduce risks of cardiovascular diseases. (1)
  3. Most importantly, do not forget the only beverage without which life on Earth wouldn’t have been a possibility – Water. Acknowledge its importance and have your 8 glasses religiously.
  • Your Vitamins are very vital

    Consume the multivitamin supplements – every morning, first thing. And if pills aren’t to your liking, consider sourcing your vitamins from a fun format – say, gummies.
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    Vitamin C and D are the two most important ones, as per studies. They help build a strong immunity system.
    Sunlight is the best source of Vitamin D, and citrus fruits or
    Amla Juice, the best for Vitamin C.

  • Don’t compromise on your sleep

    Your sleep is precious; don’t prioritize anything over it. You need to sleep. It strengthens your immunity. Your 8 hours is sacrosanct, okay?
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  • Lastly, don’t take it personally, but do keep it personal

    It’s a good practice to keep your own set of things – namely toothbrushes, towels, plates & glasses, pillows, bathing soaps, and the like. Sharing might be caring, but when it comes to germs, it’s better to keep it to oneself, isn’t it?

Personal hygiene is of paramount importance. Keep yourself clean, and your surroundings too. Keep them sanitizers and handwashes handy at all times.

These few very doable hacks will keep the viral infections from going, well, viral. Check out our blog on 7 Natural Remedy Tips For A Viral Cough

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