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Tulsi Ark – Uses, Benefits and Dosage 

  Tulsi is considered to be the epitome of Ayurveda with its holistic lifestyle approach. Originating in South East Asia, Tulsi has long been used...

Tulsi Ark


Tulsi is considered to be the epitome of Ayurveda with its holistic lifestyle approach. Originating in South East Asia, Tulsi has long been used for its multiple benefits across the globe. Despite its bitter taste, it is known to penetrate deep tissues and play a vital role in the healing of many ailments. 

What is Tulsi ark? 

Within Ayurveda, Tulsi is revered as “The Queen Of Herbs”. Tulsi Ark or Holy basil water is prepared from fresh tulsi leaves. A tulsi ark typically has five types of tulsi that is concentrated into a bottle and it has many benefits. The regular consumption of Tulsi prevents  disease-free, healthy, and a stress free life. 

What Are the Benefits of Tulsi Leaves? 

There are a plethora of amazing qualities in the Tulsi plant. In addition to the health benefits of Tulsi, many people swear by it for mental, physical and wholesome development. Tulsi plant is also known for its antimicrobial, antiviral, and antifungal properties. Tulsi ark can also help relieve emotional stresses and restore physiological as well as psychological functioning. 

How Much Tulsi Tea Should I Drink a Day? 

While there is no written rule so as to how many cups of tea you need in a day. Drinking anywhere between one to three cups of tea infused with Tulsi ark can prove to be beneficial in the longer run. 

Uses of Tulsi Ark


Everytime you find yourself under the weather, just add a drop or two of Tulsi Ark to your preferred preparation of Kadha and drink it to heal overnight. If the problem persists, you can take the Kadha twice a day. 


Thousands of people across the world prefer this beverage to others. Whether it is green tea, milk tea, or Kahwah – adding a few drops of Tulsi Ark drops can make your cuppa a hundred times healthier.


Water goes a long way when it comes to keeping yourself healthy. The secret of glowing skin, healthy hair or even weight loss is nothing but drinking tonnes of water. Adding a few freshly chopped fruits to your water, a pinch of lemon or even cucumber slices can make the water even healthier. The next time you are on the go, just add a few drops of  Tulsi Ark in your bottle and be stress-free the entire day!


Juices extracted from fresh fruits and vegetables are the prime example of good foods. Mixing your favourite glass of juice with a few drops of Ark Tulsi drops will help you re-energise yourself! Whether you like the goodness of Amla or prefer hydrating aloe vera, Tulsi Ark can complement any juice!


Every time you find yourself with a stuffy nose, scratchy throat, or a mild headache – steam inhalation is the best option. Boil some water as per your need and get a towel, add in a few Tulsi Ark drops. Cover your head with a towel while resting your face, at a comfortable distance from the heat source. 

Benefits of Tulsi Ark 


Tulsi plant is known to have many medicinal benefits one of which includes helping your respiratory system relax. From something as simple as common cold to complex conditions like bronchitis and asthma, Tulsi Ark drops can help a great deal. Not only does it help enhance immunity, help in relieving cough but also does it help in rebuilding immunity. Some of the oils in the Tulsi Ark drops relieves congestion too. When mixed with honey and ginger, it also makes it effective against influenza.


Tulsi is rich in Vitamin C as well as zinc which makes it a natural immunity booster. Keeping infections at bay due to its antibacterial properties, Tulsi Ark also consists of nutrients like Rama, Kala, Lemon, Bisva, and Marua. By helping you relax, Tulsi Ark has also proven to be beneficial for controlling high blood pressure. This pure extract also increases the T helper cells.  The Phyotchemicals present in Tulsi also give it a strong antioxidant property.  Which helps in protection against skin, liver, oral lung and several other types of cancers. 


Tulsi is every person’s best friend because it helps clear out skin scars, blemishes and helps prevent acne. Rich in antioxidants, it helps fight ageing, strengthens your hair roots thereby preventing hair loss. Furthermore, the antifungal properties of Tulsi prevents the growth of fungus and keeps a dry, flaky and unhealthy scalp at bay. 



For the battles of today, Tulsi is recommended by many as a treatment for a range of conditions like anxiety. Along with this, it also adds like a stress reliever, helping you calm your nerves on a long, tiring day. Tulsi Ark is credited with the holistic development of any individual. 

  • Controls Blood Sugar 

One of the all natural healthy ways to help control diabetes in individuals is by the usage of Tulsi Ark. This simple addition to your daily diet helps a lot in terms of your health on the whole. The basil extract also contains many vitamins and minerals, which helps in the secretion of insulin in the body. For people with type 2 diabetes, Tulsi Ark is like elixir. 

  • Helps Reduce Inflammation

If you have a complaint of arthritis or sudden swelling in any part of the body, then you must take Tulsi extract. It contains beta caryophyllene. This causes swelling problems. Not only this, basil extract is anti-inflammatory. You can also apply it with food. If you are hurt somewhere, you can use basil extract there too, it will benefit you a lot. 


If despite many efforts, you are not seeing much of a difference in your weight, Tulsi Ark can surely help. The Tulsi Ark cortisol reduces the amount of stress-causing hormones in your body, which thereby helps in the reduction of your weight. Adding a few drops of Tulsi Ark in your cup of green tea in the mornings and evenings as well as siping on Tulsi Ark infused water throughout the day. 


Digestive problems are fairly common in people these days, owing to a lack of healthy diet and exercising. Tulsi Ark drops are extremely beneficial for all stomach related issues one might face. Whether it is an upset stomach or diarrhea, constipation or even acidity – Tulsi Ark is known to be soothing to your stomach. Mixing together some lemon and ginger juice alongside Tulsi Ark and consuming it daily can help you get better faster. You can also have Tulsi Ark in lukewarm water in the morning. 

In totality, there are many benefits of Tulsi, thereby making Tulsi Ark drop the right choice. The Kapiva Tulsi Ark drops are like no other. With the finest of five blends sourced from the mystical Mathura, Tulsi Ark solves more problems than one. You are also bound to fall in love with the aroma and taste of the drops. Ofcourse, like all our other products, Tulsi Ark is also all organic, keto friendly and FSSAI approved. 


Disclaimer: The information on this website is for educational purposes only and is not a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. For more information pertaining to your personal needs please see a qualified health practitioner.

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