Common Himalayan Shilajit Myths – Busted By Facts!

By Vivek Arya

Most people are aware of Shilajit, a mineral-rich substance found in the higher Himalayan terrains, and the numerous health benefits it provides. However, there is also an array of myths surrounding this ‘Conqueror of Mountains.’

However, worry not as these get busted, today!

Myth 1 – Must Be Consumed Raw:
A very common misconception amongst people is that Shilajit must be consumed in its unprocessed, raw form. This is because it is believed to lose its nutritional value if purified. However, the reality is that raw and unprocessed Shilajit can actually be extremely toxic as it is found amidst rocks and has heavy metals like arsenic and lead. This is why purification through the Ayurvedic Shodhana process followed by a lab test, and then a safe-to-consume certification from a renowned institution becomes very critical.

Myth 2 – Should Be Avoided During Summers:

There are many who have reservations about consuming Shilajit during the summer season due to its hot potency. On the contrary, Shilajit is not just safe to consume during this season, but also highly recommended. Sweating during summer often drains the body of essential electrolytes, causing fatigue and loss of stamina. This is where pure Shilajit comes to the rescue, with its high fulvic acid content that helps improve stamina along with muscle recovery. It also contains 80+ trace minerals that rebalance electrolytes, thus increasing energy levels. One can simply add Shilajit to their preferred chilled beverage, and beat the heat!

Myth 3 – Improves Just Performance:
Shilajit continues to earn appreciation by people for its performance-improving capabilities. It is important to note though, that it does so much more. Shilajit contains abundant minerals and nutrients that help improve cognitive function, human strength, agility, and endurance. For this very reason, it is encouraged to be consumed as a natural workout supplement as opposed to steroids and protein powders for muscle gain and post-workout recovery. It is thus important to acknowledge the critical role that Shilajit plays in helping with one’s physical and mental well-being.

Myth 4 – Benefits Only Men:
The focus for consuming Shilajit to reap its benefits has largely been on men. In reality, though, it is highly beneficial to women as well. To begin with, it helps regulate their menstrual cycle by increasing iron levels and curing anemia as a dietary supplement, along with relieving stress and anxiety, thereby improving their reproductive system. It also boosts bone health, hair quality, and energy levels. This is why women should also be encouraged to consume this ‘Destroyer of Weakness’

Kapiva Shilajit sourced from the Himalayan altitudes, 18000 ft above sea level, is available in resin and capsule form. It has over 60% fulvic acid and 80+ trace minerals and is NABL lab-tested Shilajit (report with every pack) to provide the rich health benefits listed above.

Wish to avail them all? Then stop thinking and start benefiting by making Kapiva Himalayan Shilajit a part of your lifestyle.

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