12 Health Tips for Monsoon Season

By Kapiva Editorial

Monsoons give us the much-needed escape from the heat and sweat of the scorching summer. The cool winds and rains have the magical power of bringing out our inner child, reminiscing our memories of jumping in every puddle, secretly celebrating when school got canceled and munching on some hot pakoras as we snuggle in our blankets. 

Unfortunately, along with the needed refreshment that rains bring us, it also brings flu and illnesses. We’re all for having impromptu rain dances but make sure you first nourish and strengthen your body to avoid falling ill. 

For you to stay healthy and enjoy the freshness of the rains, we’ve prepared a list of simple tips to stay healthy in the monsoon.

Health Tips For Monsoon Season: 


  • Swear by Vitamin C foods


The monsoon is bacteria and fungus’ favorite season to flourish. Around this season it’s common to see water-borne and vector-borne illnesses on the rise. What you can do is strengthen your body’s ability to fight them off. Vitamin C is going to be a night in shining armour because it helps in the production of our infection protector, white blood cells. This vitamin also protects the immunity cells from damage caused by harmful free radicals that weaken your immune system. Therefore, a diet high in antioxidants will strengthen your body’s defense system. Value the importance of citrus fruits such as amla, lemon, and orange because these are effective in building your immunity barriers. 


  • A balanced diet Health Tips for Monsoon Season | Kapiva


Apart from monsoon diet tips, a truly healthy immune system depends on a balanced diet. It’s beneficial to get your vitamins and mineral nutrients from fresh fruits and vegetables rather than pills. 


  • Say no to street food


We all drool over the thought of pani puri, but how much of the water used is safe? Especially during the rains, the potholes are usually filled with water which becomes perfect breeding grounds for bacteria. The food made on the street could be exposed to these diseases ridden microorganisms causing you to fall ill. 


  • Rinse your fruits and veggies 


Research has suggested that green leafy vegetables are susceptible to carry bacteria and insects during the monsoon. Many suggest avoiding leafy vegetables in this season altogether but if you do, it’s advisable to wash them thoroughly with portable warm water. The same goes for all fruits and vegetables because most often the health conditions in marketplaces aren’t ideal. 


  • 7 hours of sleep 


Who isn’t guilty of staying up binge-watching our favorite show? However, studies have proven that long sleep deprivation weakens the immune system, making your body vulnerable to infectious illnesses and diseases. Consistent and adequate sleep not only strengthens our immune system but our immune memory too. Our immune system can recognise and react to foreign threats, and sleep is essential in activating our immune cells to work at their best capacity. So whenever you have the urge to pull an all-nighter, think twice!


  • Stay mentally and physically fit 


For most, staying fit means building muscle or losing weight. In its true sense, it means keeping your mind and body active to yield us several health benefits. Exercise has proven to improve our ‘monsoon blues’ mood, as well as boosts our immunity. How? Well, simply put, it increases our blood flow, clears out bacteria from our respiratory tract, reduces stress hormones, and also strengthens our immunity cells to fight antigens. 

We understand due to the lockdown and added rains, it’s tough to exercise outdoors. Ways we can adapt to this situation is to pick up physical activities like yoga, gardening, or do your workouts at home!


  • Hydration is key


We can stress this enough: drink, drink, drink…we mean water. Drinking lots of water flushes out toxins from your system and can also help boost your digestive system. Especially during this season, always make it a point to carry bottled mineral water and boil your water at home. 


  • Follow a skincare routineHealth Tips for Monsoon Season | Kapiva


The humidity levels during monsoon can cause several skin problems for people with oily or combination skin types. It could lead to your skin looking super dull, cause acne breakouts and clogging of pores. Additionally, applying makeup can clog your pores during this season so ensure you remove it well before going to bed. Kapiva provides a range of food for beauty products such as Aloe Vera gel and biotin gummies, Radiance Fizz tablets, and an array of herbal juices for glowing and supple skin. 


  • Keep your surroundings clean 


Vector-borne diseases like dengue and malaria are always a concern during monsoons, and that’s why make sure to clear out any stagnant water around you and invest in some insect repellants at home and outside. 


  • Add in fresh juices 


Drop fizzy drinks this monsoon as they lower the mineral content in your body, which decreases enzymes important for your digestive system. Further, they increase caffeine, cholesterol, and blood pressure levels, so it’s high time you switch to some fresh herbal juices. The herbs used in our herbal drinks such as aloe vera, amla, immune care, tulsi giloy, have the ability to not only rejuvenate our skin and mind but also strengthens our immunity. 


  • Drink herbal teas Health Tips for Monsoon Season | Kapiva


In this damp and cold weather, nothing can beat sipping on a steaming cup of hot tea! Herbal teas not only bring much-needed warmth but also help improve digestion, reduces stress, and boosts immunity. You don’t need to look further because we have in store a range of green teas that cater to weight loss, digestion, stress relief, stamina, blood sugar, and immunity! 

  • Bitter the better! 

Bid adieu to seasonal illness by consuming bitter foods like bitter gourd, bottle gourd, and methi seeds. A rich source of antioxidants, vitamins A, C, B, and minerals like zinc, iron, they are responsible for strengthening the digestive system and enhancing our immunity. Ingredients like neem and turmeric have antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties that act as a natural preventive and curative agents. Chalk out your monsoon diet tips keeping this thumb rule in mind! 


Key takeaways:

As much as we romanticize the beauty of rains, the flip side to it brings along many health risks like water and vector-borne diseases like malaria, dengue, typhoid, and cholera. We have some easy tips to stay healthy in the monsoon by not letting the rains dampen your spirits with these illnesses! 

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