10 Health Benefits Of Having Detox Drinks

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Simply put detoxification is a natural process of getting rid of the toxins in your body. While there are many ways and a plethora of diets to detoxify your body, the safest and most common way is to take the natural route. Many Ayurvedic herbs and plants help in this, the advantage of a natural cleanse is that there are no side effects to your body. One must adapt to techniques like detoxification in order to build a healthy life.  

Over the years, detoxification has caught on as a simple method of keeping our mind, body and soul relaxed. And this is surely one trend that is here to stay. We have put together the best of Ayurvedic juices to help you detox regularly. 

Are Detox Drinks Good for You? 

Detox drinks such as fruit or vegetable juices extracted naturally are free from chemicals. The other way to detox is having fruit-infused water, either can do no harm. That being said, ofcourse, excess of anything can be a problem. Therefore, sticking to one schedule and having what suits your metabolic system is the best way to detox. You can quite easily find drinks in the market that help you detox safely.  

Why is it Important to Detox your Body?

Detox diets help remove toxins from your body, not only do they better your health, help manage weight, but also improve your mental well-being. Since the detox drinks use fruits, and vegetables they’re full of various laxatives, vitamins, minerals and other properties that accelerate a good cleanse. 

As mentioned before, detoxing your body regularly can lead to a positive change in your lifestyle. Here are some things you can expect when you start taking care of your body.

What are the Benefits of Detox Drinks?

1. Better Mental Health

Life today is always on the go, with offices, schools and universities operating remotely it’s becoming tougher to keep track of our lifestyle choices. Imagine how much easier it’ll be to just grab a glass of juice everyday and let it work its magic. Now, imagine this is reality. Many ayurvedic detox juices like amla juice, neem juice, wheatgrass juice, aloe vera juice, moringa juice, and noni juice are extremely effective for day to day usage.

2. Physical Wellbeing 

Not only mental health, ayurvedic juices also help in physical well-being. Keeping your immune system strong, and helping better the condition of your organs, and other bodily fluids, is one of the jobs of detoxification.You can also strengthen your immune system and revitalize your body with these detox juices. Wheatgrass helps you manage your weight by aiding digestion. 


3. Keeps Diseases at Bay

It has become increasingly crucial to take care of our health in the past few years. With the ongoing pandemic, people are learning to take extra care of themselves, their surroundings and their loved ones. Detoxifying your body helps lower the chance of catching infections and keeps you healthy in the longer run. Your body’s functioning gets synchronized every time you get into the healthy habit of regular detoxing. Your body works better, your mind thinks better and you feel more at peace in general. 

4. Manage Weight 

Managing weight is as important as doing it the right way so picking up healthy ways over fast ways is better. Detoxification is one way to do that. This type of diet might not provide you with instantaneous results but definitely produces long-lasting ones. Detoxification also helps you improve metabolic health, and helps you curb your cravings. 

5. Hydration

Doctors advise drinking seven to eight glasses of water everyday, yet there is a way to make it even healthier. Simply adding fresh fruits like grapes to your water and sipping on it throughout the day can make it flavourful and better. In the mornings, it is even better to pour yourself a glass of juice in order to kickstart your day. 

6. Boost Energy Levels 

Detoxification works wonders with our body’s energy levels. You can help your organs work better by getting rid of toxins. Not only this, grabbing a glass of juice such as wheatgrass juice, before you head out can hit you with a fist packed with energy and you will have an easier time going about everyday tasks. 

7.Skin and Hair

Getting rid of your toxins directly leads to cleaner blood. The more free of toxins your body is, the better it will look and feel. Juices like amla juice and aloe vera juice have proven to have a direct effect on your skin and hair conditions. Consuming these detox  juices alongside other precautions will help in making your skin glow and hair strong. 

8. Balances the pH of the Body 

A healthy body is said to have a pH balance of which might be thrown off due to our hectic  schedules, abnormal sleep cycles as well as unhealthy eating habits. The maintenance of this balance is crucial in order for you to lead a stress-free life. This is exactly what the process of detoxification does for you. 

What is the Best Drink to Detox Your Body?


There are many fruit as well as vegetable juices that can help you detox. Drinks like Amla Juice, and Aloe Vera Juice are known as Detox Juices. On the other hand, Moringa Juice and Noni Juice can also prove to be beneficial. You can find many juices including the aloe vera juice online as well. There is no one juice that is perfect for all, but there is definitely a juice that fits better for an individual. Thus, we advise you to research and add on juices that are important for your diet, physique as well as lifestyle. 

At Kapiva, we offer you a great range of juices like Wheatgrass Juice under our detox category that help you pick the right way to detox your body. Our chemical-free ayurvedic juices are safe to consume for just about anyone, and produce no side-effects. Pick from our juices to help you manage weight, aid digestion, improve your skin and hair or even build your immunity. 





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