6 Health Benefits of Gulkand

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Roses are considered the eternal symbol of love and could well have been Adam’s choice to get Eve’s attention. A bouquet of these fragrant red flowers can never go out of fashion when wooing a potential mate or seeking forgiveness. There are very few plants in nature that have a unique combination of beauty and healing, roses being one of them.

Ayurveda refers to the rose as shatapatri (or having many petals), and uses the dried petals in oils, teas, and skincare products. Roses have an inherent cooling property and help balance pitta (heat) and vata (dryness) imbalances.

Of all the possible ways to enjoy the nutritional goodness of roses, the most known and yummy alternative is gulkand. Gulkand which translates to gul=flower and khand=sweet is a sweet rose petal preserve/jam where fresh rose petals are layered with sugar and sun-dried. Let’s explore the nutritional and healing gulkand benefits.

Benefits Of Gulkand for your Health and Wellness

1. High In Nutritional Value

One of the key gulkand benefits is as a natural coolant. Gulkand is better known as a refreshing, digestive aid during summers but it is much more than just a refreshing drink. Rose petals primarily contain around 80-90% water which provide excellent hydration. Rose flowers are also rich in antioxidants like phenols and flavonoids. They are considered an excellent source of Vit C and other essential vitamins like B and K. Rose petals also contain traces of essential micronutrients like carotene, calcium, magnesium, and copper.

Here’s why gulkand is a low-calorie nourishing drink:

Nutrients  contained in 10 gms:

It contains around 20 to 30 calories of which calories from fat is 0. It does not contain any saturated, fats. Gulkhnad contains around 5gms of carbs and around 1.5 gms of dietary fibre. Since it is made in sugar syrup it contains around 3 gms of sugar. Water, which constitutes around 90% of the rose petals, content is around 5 gms. 

2. Gulkand Improves Gut Health

Gulkand’s cooling nature has immense healing properties for optimal gut health. It works wonders for the gastrointestinal tract as it increases the good bacteria and intestinal mucus that is necessary for the smooth elimination of stools. Gulkand is an effective remedy for constipation by softening stools. It calms down increased acidity in the stomach and reverses the harmful effects of anti-acidity pills. It is said to improve appetite and is a cure for digestive issues like gas, bloating, hyperacidity, mild haemorrhoids and bleeding piles. Enjoy the gulkand benefits by chewing it with paan or sip on a sherbet after dinner.

3. Gulkand Calms And Cools The Body

Rose petals are known to be one of nature’s best natural coolants, especially during the peak summer months. Symptoms like hyperacidity and heartburn can easily be remedied with the intake of gulkand. Exposure to excess heat in summers can lead to dehydration and other medical issues like sunburns, nose bleeds, and a burning sensation in the palms and soles. Gulkand’s hydrating, “icy cool” effect douses the heat within the body and supports the body in sailing through the scorching summer months. Have a spoonful of this “wonder” jam or add it to milk to make a refreshing, chilling drink.

4. Gulkand For Clear Skin

Most skin issues are manifestations of excess heat and toxins within the body. One of he gulkand benefits is an excellent rejuvenator that extinguishes excessive heat in the body leaving your skin blemish-free. It is also a natural detoxifier that cleanses the blood of unwanted toxins helping stave off persistent skin problems like pimples, boils, acne, etc. Its anti-inflammatory properties curb the adverse effects of inflammation on your skin that can lead to premature skin ageing.  

5. Gulkand For Menstrual Problems

Gulkand can be the sweetest medicine if you suffer from menstrual cycle blues. Gulkand’s cooling properties have been shown to reduce symptoms like painful menstrual cramps, excessive bleeding, and white discharge. It has inherent properties that nourish and strengthen the uterus and relax the muscles in the reproductive system. It reduces spotting before periods and is especially beneficial to women suffering from PCOD.

6. Gulkand To Boost Energy

Feeling exhausted and drained after a rigorous workout or stressful day at work? Why drink harmful energy drinks when just a teaspoon of gulkand or gulkand milkshake can charge you up naturally. One of the most vital gulkhand benefits is as a rejuvenator. Gulkand spikes the levels of haemoglobin in your blood transporting more oxygen and energy to all body cells. Include gulkand into your daily diet to benefit from its cooling and energizing properties that relieve symptoms like fatigue, lethargy, and headaches.

7. Gulkand For Eye Care

Traditional medicine has long utilized gulkand’s cooling nature as a treatment for common eye disorders. Regular consumption of gulkand has been shown to boost the quality of your eyesight and relieve symptoms like irritation and redness of the eyes. v

Ways To Consume Gulkand

Do not feel guilty if you can’t resist the temptation to simply dip a finger into the gulkand jar and relish the sweetness of this wonderful jam. If you are one who can conquer your immediate cravings, then you can experience gulkand benefits in multiple ways:

  • Treat yourself to a spoonful every day (ideally at night).
  • Spread it on your rotis or bread and enjoy it like your regular jam.
  • Mix a teaspoon in some warm milk/water for a refreshing sherbet. 
  • Just roll a spoonful in a betel leaf (paan) and chew on it for digestive benefits and as a mouth freshener. 

How Is Organic Gulkand Made?

rose petals for organic gulkand

Let’s look at the magical recipe of Kapiva’s organic gulkand that sources the best roses to give you the purest, healthiest gulkand. Fresh Indian Damask pink roses are sourced from the pure and pristine hills of Pushkar, Rajasthan. Did you know that pink roses bloom only twice a year? And these special harvests are the ones you get in our gulkand. No extracts, just pure natural rose petals. We follow the time-tested, traditional Ayurvedic methods to minimize any nutritional losses during the preparation process. A known Ayurvedic medicine, rock sugar (mishri, in Hindi), is used as a healthy substitute for normal sugar. To extract gulkand from rose, the rose petals and mishri are placed carefully in alternate layers in a wide-mouthed jar. This mixture is placed in the sun to slowly and natural sun-cook it to preserve its natural nutrients, flavour, and aroma. We strive to make it the best gulkand in India by not using any synthetic colour or flavours to achieve its desirable health benefits.

Side Effects Of Gulkand Consumption

Gulkand is considered very safe and there are no known serious side effects if you consume gulkand regularly. It acts as a rejuvenator for healthy individuals as well as for people recovering their health and strength gradually after sickness or weakness. In fact, it is one of the rare tonics that work wonders across age groups and gender. Gulkand is considered safe for pregnant and lactating mothers. You only need to be careful while consuming gulkand if you are diabetic due to its high sugar content. But moderate consumption is not harmful so long as you control sugar intake from other food sources.


Q: Can we consume organic gulkand daily?

Yes. Gulkand is extremely safe to consume as a daily health tonic. Add it to plain water, milk, lassi, ice creams, juices or just eat a teaspoon to reap gulkand benefits. It is a highly recommended tonic during peak summer months due to its cooling and rejuvenating properties. Check with your doctor about the ideal quantity of gulkand if you have diabetes.

Q: What is organic gulkand good for?

Organic gulkand has a host of health benefits for all ages. It provides energy, cools and rejuvenates the body, fights digestive disorders like acidity and constipation, detoxifies the body, prevents premature skin ageing, and reduces menstrual symptoms like painful cramps, excessive bleeding, and white discharge.

Q: How much organic gulkand should you consume a day?

Gulkand can safely be a part of your daily diet. 1 teaspoon once (ideal) or twice a day should give you all the gulkand benefits your body needs. Eat a spoonful or add in a glass of warm water/milk in the morning or before going to bed (recommended).

Q: Is organic gulkand for health?

Yes, organic gulkand is extremely good for your health and particularly beneficial as a natural coolant during the peak summer heat. As an everyday tonic for people of all ages, it supports good digestive health, controls menstrual symptoms, and prevents the skin to age prematurely.

Q: Who should not take organic gulkand?

Gulkand is generally safe to consume for everyone but if you are on medications or suffer from diabetes, then we recommend you discuss what the right dosage should be with your family physician or ayurvedic healthcare professional. 

Key Takeaways

Traditional medicines are generally a complex blend of potent herbs. But gulkhand with just two simple ingredients beats most tonics by a long way. The mouth-watering gulkand is just not outright delicious but refreshing, energizing, and healing in nature. Add it to your daily diet to get a daily dose of potent antioxidants and other powerful nutrients that can heal and soothe your body, mind, and soul.

Benefits of Kapiva Organic Gulkand

So, what’s the wait for? Give our Organic Gulkand a try and we guarantee you’ll only be left wishing you bought more. 

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