Inconsistency is Natural. Natural is good.

By Kapiva Editorial

Oftentimes we come across grievances that talk about how juices made from natural, organically-sourced ingredients don’t always taste the same. In other words, the taste differs with every batch. Truth – it does. If made from natural, raw ingredients, the taste of the juice is bound to differ. And that’s the true mark of quality.

In fact, that’s a parameter by which you can judge how authentic the ingredients used are, or whether the juice has anything that could be detrimental to your health.

Inconsistency is but natural. And Natural? Of course it’s good.

Why is Inconsistency natural?

So what’s the reason for all the inconsistency? Well, it’s because of sedimentation in juices. While sedimentation in all juices is natural, the colour, texture and taste is mostly likely to differ between batches because of seasonal variations. No two fruits are the same in their look and feel. There would be discrepancies, right? Shape, colour, and taste too. But the nutrition is always consistent.

Same with Kapiva juices. Be it our Wheatgrass Juice Amla Juice, Aloe Vera Juice, or any other.

We do not add any taste enhancers or sugar. Whatever you get, is what Nature has to give you. Any kind of artificial sweetener or enhancer meddles with the efficacy and intent behind the product. It defeats the entire purpose of bringing functional food to you, if the product doesn’t fulfil its only function – to help you live a healthy life that is.

We use pure, organically-grown ingredients from indigenous sources, to make our juices. With zero chemical treatment or processing that too! Due to the nature of the ingredients and process used, the taste might be unpalatable, we agree, but it retains every of the essential nutrients in the product. No compromises there.

As for the taste, you could always add extra water or honey or even a little salt, to alter it to suit your palate. Rest assured, the product is efficacious and perfectly safe to use – within the expiry date of course.

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