Tips for Healthy Teeth

By Kapiva Editorial

Who likes yellowed teeth or bad breath? It is unpleasant for others and unhealthy for ourselves. Sometimes, just brushing your teeth twice a day is not enough and some of us do not even get to the second round of brushing. We have underlined some simple tips that would help you maintain optimal oral care with brighter teeth that make you want to flash your billion-dollar smile every now and again!

  • Brushing Skills

All of us brush our teeth regularly and that is essential. However, the brushing technique plays a huge role in whether that brushing comes to your benefit or not. Many of us forget to reach the far ends of our mouth or miss the insides of our teeth. Moving the bristles of the tooth brush from the inside of your gums towards the biting section of the teeth is the ideal way to brush your teeth as this method allows the particles stuck in the crevices of your mouth to be dislodged, thereby preventing cavities. Also, brushing should never happen in the horizontal way as this does more harm than good. Instead of cleaning your teeth, this method brushes off your enamel which makes your teeth appear white. After consistently brushing teeth in a horizontal fashion, the teeth enamel wears off, leaving the teeth to appear translucent and highly sensitive.

Apart from this, the kind of toothbrush you use also matters immensely. Always opt for a tooth brush with soft bristles and a smaller head as it helps access the inner corners of your mouth and avoids gum injuries.  Also, never use the same, worn down brush for more than three months as that attacks your teeth and gums harshly.

  • Gum massage

Just like your teeth need brushing, so do your gums need massaging. Good gum health is equivalent to a good set of teeth as the gold that holds the diamond needs to be strong enough to do so.  Using your fingers to do it is the simplest way. You can take a little toothpaste on your finger-tip and rub it against your gums gently as the gums are prone to bleeding. While doing so, massage the gums as that enhances the blood circulation in your mouth. Gum bleeding is a common phenomenon that occurs due to a Vitamin C deficiency. To curb this, consume foods rich in citric acids like oranges and limes as they increase the availability of Vitamin C in your blood stream which would indirectly lead to healthy gums.

  • Diet

What you put internally into the body is what your body shows externally. Consuming food stuffs or beverages that are highly acidic soften down your teeth and dissolve all the essential minerals it requires to remain in good condition. It causes holes or cavities to develop due to the diminishing quality of your teeth enamel. Therefore, you must steer clear from aerated drinks or sweetened sodas strictly and avoid eating food that has a lot of baking soda or ajinomoto (Chinese salt). Food high on sugars must be avoided as well.

  • Flossing

Regular use of dental floss helps to keep plaque at bay which is one of the major reasons for tooth decay and gum injuries, thereby maintaining teeth health. Chronically unhealthy gums may require you to get a root canal done which is a very painful experience. Flossing helps to dislodge the particles stuck in between your teeth and helps keep them free from cavities. Flossing is an important step to maintain your smile’s health- age no bar! It helps prevent the signs of gingivitis- a chronic gum disease. Combining flossing with occasional rinsing, you can protect that smile.

  • Mouthwash

Bad breath is one nightmare none of us would wish to endure. It is quite unpleasant to witness as well. The best way to stay away from this nightmare is to use mouthwash frequently. Mouthwashes are very effective to freshen your breath or to get rid of the staleness your mouth experiences when it has stayed hungry or thirsty for a long while. Plaque build-up and growth of unwanted/unhealthy bacteria is reduced by using it regularly. One of the major ingredients in a mouthwash is fluoride that helps fight cavities and dental diseases.

Many of us include these simple steps in our daily routine already but the way in which we adopt these mannerisms affects its benefit spectrum immensely. To make sure you are achieving the actual benefit of an oral care regimen you are following, make sure you learn how to follow it correctly and in a healthy fashion. Only then will that practice bear the fruits you seek!

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