Why Do You Need To Sleep?

By Kapiva Editorial

You would be pleased to know that the activity that most millennials love doing, comes with a range of health benefits too. What’s the activity you ask? It’s sleeping. Yes, a goodnight’s sleep. Not many would contest that – especially the ones who don’t get a lot of it owing to their busy schedule or other stress-induced sleeping disorders. And contrary to what many think, sleep isn’t a luxury, but a necessity.

Importance of a Goodnight’s Sleep

Not that we need elaborating on it, but sleeping is just as essential as eating or breathing, if not more. A well-rested body can keep a lot of health issues at bay. A few of the benefits are as follows:

  • Certified stressbuster

    No amount of chill sessions at your friends or Netflix movie marathons can match up to what an 8-hour sound sleep can do when it comes to relieving stress. At a time when your body is ready to drop, the only thing that can save the day for you is your slumber.

  • Sharpens your memory

    Studies have proven the correlation between sleep and memory. If you’re showing signs of amnesia, it’s possible that your body needs to catch some Zs. Having trouble remembering stuff? Don’t lose sleep over it. It might just be your body’s way of asking for a shut-eye.

  • Makes you a sound decision-maker

    There’s a reason why you’re asked to sleep on it. Research claims that you’re equipped to make better decisions when you’ve slept well. So the next time you’re making critical life decisions, don’t forget your nap before implementing it.

  • Strengthens your immune system

    Remember to get your 8 hours if of late you’ve been a little susceptible to infections. Since childhood, we’ve been taught about how our body repairs and regenerates cells when we’re asleep. Turns out our science texts books weren’t lying after all. A good sleep schedule increases the effectiveness of certain specialized immune T-cells, according to a study.

  • Lower the slumber, higher the bodyweight

    Yes! Short durations result in impeded metabolism, contributing greatly to obesity. So if you’re trying to lose the kilos, make sure that you get your quota of beauty sleep.

  • Lowers risk of diabetes, coronary heart ailments & hypertension

    There’s an established correlation between sleep duration and Type 2 Diabetes, Hypertension and heart ailments. That’s the ultimate benefit that one can derive – a well-functioning cardiovascular system that is.

Convinced of sleep’s importance? Yet, there are people who suffer from disorders like sleep apnea and insomnia. The ones who find it difficult to get some rest. Especially for them, Kapiva has curated the Sleep Well combo. Purely herbal, with no side effects, this combo’s only aim is to make sure that you sleep like a baby (age no bar!)

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