Green Coffee Bean IS All That

By Kapiva Editorial

Green coffee beans have become one of the most popular weight loss products and supplements that you can find – and for good reason!

Recently, they have been associated with a variety of other health benefits, including lowering the risk of neurological diseases, protecting the cardiovascular system, slowing the aging process, and more.

#1 Helps Burn Fats
Green coffee beans are packed with essential minerals and vitamins. Furthermore, the chlorogenic acid in these beans is known as a metabolism booster that helps the body burn the extra fats quickly.

#2 Fights Free Radicals
It has been found that the chlorogenic acid in green coffee beans can reduce the damaging effects of free radicals by up to ten times more than green tea. Thanks to its high level of antioxidants, it can slow down the process of aging and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

#3 Safeguards Heart Health
Green coffee beans appear to slow down the absorption of glucose, and this effect may help in managing diabetes. Studies have also shown their positive impact on heart health by lowering blood pressure.

#4 Energy Boost
Most people drink coffee to boost their energy levels. Fortunately, green coffee beans do the same and more. Besides significantly enhancing your energy levels, their caffeine content ensures that your metabolism also receives a fair boost. This can result in increased motivation, focus, and a more positive perspective.

#5 Normalizes Blood Sugar
Green coffee beans can assist the body in lowering inflammation thanks to their beneficial compounds and high level of antioxidants. They also have a positive impact on blood sugar and may reduce insulin resistance and fat accumulation.

#6 Improves Detoxification
When it comes to detoxification of your body, green coffee beans have little rivals. Thanks to the presence of protein glutathione S-transferase and an abundance of antioxidants, the carcinogens and other unwanted properties get easily flushed from the body.

Perk Up!
Green coffee beans offer numerous health benefits. Packed with antioxidants and other healthful compounds, these beans can help you control blood pressure, lose weight, moderate blood sugar, protect heart health, and more!

If you are sensitive to caffeine or you have a history of heart problems, it is best to avoid green coffee beans and other caffeine-based beverages. If not, start implementing this super remedy and kickstart your days like a pro!

-Amit Vaidya

Amit Vaidya is the best-selling author of the memoir Holy Cancer and the upcoming Food Is Medicine cookbook series. He is the in-house health & wellness expert for Kapiva Ayurveda, advocating for the empowerment of all individuals to be in the driver’s seat of their own lives. He chronicles his life on Instagram under the handle @live4todayamit. 

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