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Ayurveda is about balance, the same translates to its view on weight management. Being over or under your ideal weight is considered to be an imbalance in the body.

We’ve understood therefore that the approach to weight care can’t just be a quick fix, but an overall guided solution which as people we can achieve by making lifestyle changes. That is why we at Kapiva have decided to help our users with a guided solution to better balance their lifestyles.

Therefore with every purchase of our weight products, you would be eligible for free consultations with our Ayurvedic Nutritionists, a Diet Chart which can be personalized post your consultation, and Lifestyle content that you can access on your email, as well as our natural Ayurvedic products.

A Guided Solution, custom-made for you

4 Balance Offers You 

  • FREE Nutritionist Consultation
  • Personalized Diet Charts
  • Lifestyle Content
  • Natural Products

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