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By Kapiva Editorial

You’ve probably overheard one of your health enthusiast friend’s rave about their  ‘ morning shot of wheatgrass’. And rightly so, as this super potent health food comes with a list of benefits.

With its humble form of being, young grass of wheat, it not only is gluten & allergen free but also has power-packed healing qualities which helps increase energy levels, reverses the process of ageing, cleanses the blood,  prevents tooth decay, mouth odour & also is beneficial for cancer patients.

Here are 10 reasons, which will definitely get you asking for your shot of health!

1. Increases Immunity

Wheatgrass juice is powerhouse juice packed with Vitamins A, B, C and E as well as amino acids and is made up of whopping 70% chlorophyll. These qualities give it the ability to increase your Red Blood Cells & in turn, boosting your immunity.

2.Weight loss

Wheatgrass juice kills two birds with one stone – as it contains selenium, it regulates thyroid functions improving any irregularity. It also contains vitamins like magnesium, iron and omega 3, which prevents craving food and overeating.

3.Treat skin diseases

Wheatgrass juice can be used to treat skin diseases such as eczema and psoriasis. Its antibacterial properties and ability to reduce chronic inflammation helps in the treatment of acne. Regular use also helps to reduce scar marks.

4.Detox your cells

This amazing ayurvedic juice is highly alkaline and nutritious, making it perfect tool to purify your blood, hence being an amazing detoxifier.

5.Cleanses the liver

Being packed with potent nutrients which restore and revitalizes liver, Its consumption also protects the liver against detrimental effects of alcohol.

6.Prevent cancer

Wheatgrass juice’s anticancer properties are due to its blood oxygenating ability. Also, this power-packed ayurvedic juice has enzymes that fight carcinogens and reduces toxic levels of radiation, pollution and heavy metals.

7.Controls blood sugar levels

Wheatgrass juice has an active anti-hyperglycemic agent. It is a beneficial supplement for those with diabetes to help reduce blood sugar levels.

8.Controls cholesterol

Wheatgrass juice improves lipid levels in the blood and is an excellent tool to manage high cholesterol levels, eventually, preventing heart disease.

 9. Helps to De-stress and fight depression

Wheatgrass juice has high iron content. Consuming this ayurvedic juice regularly balances iron levels in the body which is crucial for those suffering from depression & reducing fatigue otherwise caused by  Iron deficiency. It also helps to overcome anxiety and boosts your endocrine system which helps to manage stress.

10.Increases fertility

Wheatgrass juice contains P4D1, a compound that impacts sperm cells and DNA, which increases the fertility of men, hence a good ayurvedic alternative while trying for children.


To make the most of these benefits, try taking a shot of this super-food every day. Pay attention to any changes that you notice in your body. It is important you find the right dosage & time of day that works for your body.


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