Welcome to Your Weight Loss Journey

By Kapiva Editorial

Welcome! We are truly thrilled to have you on board with us on Kapiva’s personalised weight-wellness program! Since you have purchased our 30-day guided plan basis the quiz recommendation, we’re glad to welcome you here.

As part of your journey you are eligible for:
– 4 nutritionist sessions 🩺
– 30-day diet plan 🗓️
– Yoga content for weight loss 🧘‍♀️
– Ayurvedic tips, recipes 🌿
All for FREE

We hope you follow them on a healthy weight care journey. 😌

Here’s an introduction by our Yoga expert who will keep you motivated throughout the next 30 days. Do reach out to us for any specific concerns on this number. We would be using this group to share ayurvedic tips, nutrition content, and a Yoga regime specifically designed for weight loss.

Best of Luck! ✨

Weight Management Week 1

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