Weight Loss Myths Busted

By Kapiva Editorial

Losing weight calls for smart choices, patience, perseverance and the following right information. No wonder, many are on the constant lookout for weight loss tips. For the record, there is enough content on the internet that claims to offer effective tips to lose weight. Although, how much of this is real? What is the truth about weight loss? Many suggestions available online are not backed with evidence and do not bring results. To pursue the right path, you need to steer clear of common misconceptions. So how do you spot the deceivers? To help you detect the red flags, we have listed some common weight-loss myths below. Keep reading to ensure you are on the right track. 


Weight Loss Supplements Alone are Enough: Many syrups and tablets claim to cut pounds without exercise or proper diet. They promise results without effort. The number of these products is increasing by the day, and the truth is they alone are not enough. Some weight loss supplements tend to work for some due to the placebo effect, and some are genuine. Although, they alone cannot do wonders. Weight loss supplements have to be accompanied with a balanced diet, exercise and a positive attitude! 

It’s Only About Your Diet: Some state that only altering your diet is going to help you lose weight. Speaking facts, this isn’t true. While diet is vital it has to be accompanied by physical movement. This can be anything that you like exercising, running, cycling, etc. Food is essential but combine it with the exercise for effective results. 

Yes to No-Calorie: Here is some good news, while you should avoid calories there is no need to completely shun them. Moderation is the key to success. Consuming calories in the right proportion at the right time won’t do much harm. Now and then small amounts of your favourite high-calorie foods can and should be added to your diet plan.  

Age is a Bar: Worried that your age is going to be a deterrent? Worry no more. Age won’t stop you from losing weight. Metabolic rate decreases as you age. Although, your metabolic rate does not come to a standstill. Following a healthy lifestyle, eating nutritious food, exercising, no matter what your age is will always manifest results and help you reach your target weight. 

Weight Loss is Linear: If you have heard so, let us tell you this is not true. Weight loss is not linear. Some days show positive results and some days don’t. So if there aren’t signs of progress on certain days know that this is normal. For women especially water weight can fluctuate a lot during the menstrual cycle. No matter how much it fluctuates, as long as your weight keeps dwindling, know that you are on the right track. You will reach your target weight in the longer run. 

Fat Makes You Fat: Fats have essential nutrients just like proteins and carbs. Your body needs them to ensure good health. Fat yields around 9 calories per gram which is 4 more than carbs and protein. Fat is ideally calorie-rich in junk food but as long as the intake is controlled fat won’t make you fat. Having a calorie-rich diet will certainly lead to unwanted effects, although, you cannot blame fat alone. Your body needs fats to function effectively. It adds to calories but alone does not lead to weight gain.  

Eating Breakfast is Necessary to Lose Weight: Whether you eat or skip breakfast does not have a major effect on your weight. Some studies manifest that breakfast skippers weigh more than the eaters. Although, this is probably because breakfast eaters follow other useful lifestyle habits. Research has revealed that there is no direct effect of breakfast consumption in your weight loss journey. 

It Happens for Everyone at the Same Time: Do you have a weight loss buddy you train with? Well if you do, it is great to keep the company but just be cautious to not compare yourself to your partner. Every person is unique. You might eat the same food, workout together and catch similar hours of sleep at night but the results will certainly differ. Different metabolisms, hormones, and muscle mass all lead to varied effects. Some bodies take longer than the other, and that is completely fine. Accept your body for what it is and do not compare yourself. Trust the process and be patient. It happens to one, and all but the timelines are different. 

Only Intense Workouts are Effective for Weight Loss: There is nothing like having a high-intensity training that leaves you sweaty and panting. Also, feeling sore the next day? Feels like you have accomplished it all. Although, it is not always necessary to indulge in a high-intensity workout all the time. Low-intensity fitness routines are just as important. Low-intensity workouts lower your body’s level of cortisol, the stress hormone responsible for making you hungry and fat. So finding the right balance is essential to yielding the best results from your workout. Mend your ways and do what’s best.


Bottom Line

Acquainting yourself with the number of myths is necessary to ensure you are following the right methods. It is just another way to get your facts right. Maintain a safe distance from the information you are sceptical of and consider consulting your doctor or nutritionist for genuine advice. Also, while purchasing weight loss products, make sure you choose the best brands and back them up by altering your lifestyle habits. It is only a healthy holistic lifestyle that can help you reach your target weight. Here’s to a healthier version of yourself with the right information!


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