How To Create A Meditation Space At Home!

By Kapiva Editorial

Wouldn’t it be great to have a room in your house, particularly devoted to memory boosting, healing and rejuvenating your mind, body and soul? A place that takes you away from the chaos and simply allows you to breathe and have some quality ‘me’ time? A meditation room certainly helps you do exactly this. If you are wondering how to create your own space for meditation at home, here are a few ideas.

1. Round-Up On A Relaxing Place

Find an area in your house that makes you feel good and secure. This is one of the key zen room ideas for meditation at home. See that it is quiet, and tranquil and makes you feel at ease. Check out the lighting of the room as well. A room that comes with natural lighting is sure to perk up your mood and can be memory boosting. You can choose a room or even an open space that gives you a beautiful sunrise view or a view of the sunset.

2. Decorate Your Space In A Simple Manner

Set up this space for meditation at home in a minimal way. A cluttered area will only take away the peace and make everything look distracting. Keep only a few elements such as a yoga mat, candles and an image of Buddha, and do away with anything that screams over the top.

3. See That It Gives Out A Soothing Fragrance

Meditation is a sensual experience so you need to pay attention to the visual aesthetics as well as the fragrance that the room gives out. For the space for meditation at home opt for soothing and memory boosting essential oils such as peppermint, chamomile and lavender or aromatic incense sticks. Make use of burning candles and heating oils, whatever gets you in the mood and helps you relax. Aromatherapy helps to do away with stress and relieves muscle tension.

4. Invite Fresh Air In

Your space for meditation at home needs ventilation. After all, there is nothing like a cool breeze caressing your face as you unwind. Fresh air also helps boost brain power and leaves you feeling invigorated. If your area for meditation at home is outdoors, fresh air is naturally present, but if it is indoors, see that your room has enough windows and ceiling fans.

5. Go In For Appropriate Shades

Other than the spaciousness and serenity of the room, see that you opt for a colour palette that blends with your preferences. It is better to paint your solitary pad for meditation at home in a colour that matches the mood you want to achieve, every time you meditate. While some prefer lighter colours, some find solace in darker colours.

Make sure all electronic gadgets; particularly your cell phone is kept out of this room. You can even play soft music in the background for the best meditation at home.

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